Resident Evil 2 Paid DLC Pack Instantly Unlocks All In-Game Rewards

The Resident Evil 2 remake has no shortage of unlockable bonuses, from weapons to entire game modes. However, if you’d rather just skip to the rewards, you can now do so with a one-time DLC purchase. The latest DLC for Resident Evil 2 doesn’t add in any new gameplay content or features. Instead, it allows time-sensitive players to instantly buy their way to the game’s greatest rewards.

Resident Evil 2 Instant Unlock DLC

Resident Evil 2 rewards DLC

Hardcore fans might scoff at Resident Evil 2’s latest DLC, but it’s actually a clever move on Capcom’s part. By offering players an instant-buy rewards option, Capcom is making more money and making the game more accessible. The price of the instant unlock DLC isn’t too bad either. For a mere $4.99, players get immediate access to the following features:

  • 4th Survivor Game Mode (starring Hunk)
  • Tofu Survivor Game Mode (basically 4th Survivor, only with playable Tofu)
  • Unbreakable Combat Knife weapon
  • Samurai Edge pistol with infinite ammo
  • LE-5 SMG with infinite ammo
  • ATM-4 Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo
  • Minigun with infinite ammo
  • All unlockable in-game models
  • All unlockable in-game concept art

The DLC also includes all in-game alternate costumes which comprise the following:

  • Leon Default Costume Alternate
  • Claire Default Costume Alternate
  • Noir Leon
  • Noire Claire
  • Arklay Sheriff Leon
  • Military Claire
  • Rookie Leon
  • Elza Walker Claire

Having access to some of the above weapons right from the start can admittedly trivialize the game’s difficulty a bit. However, if you’re not usually a big horror game fan they can certainly help in a pinch. At the very least, they can make subsequent playthroughs (which the game encourages) much more fun and stress-free. Plus, there are still a few unlockables the DLC doesn’t cover, though we won’t spoil them here.

The instant unlockables DLC is available now for all versions of the Resident Evil 2 remake.