Resident Evil 2 Remake: 4th Survivor Gameplay Tips

The Resident Evil 2 remake contains a special treat for players who complete the game’s main campaign. Finishing the main campaign’s normal and second scenarios unlocks a bonus 4th Survivor mode starring the enigmatic Umbrella agent Hunk. Of course, calling 4th Survivor a “treat” feels a bit disingenuous since it cranks the difficulty up to the max. If you’re struggling to clear the 4th Survivor mode, these tips and tricks should help.

Resident Evil 2 4th Survivor tips

Keep Moving

This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s worth hammering home nonetheless. Unlike in the Resident Evil 2 remake’s main campaign, you don’t want to be slow and methodical in 4th Survivor. Large groups of enemies pop up quickly and if you don’t react equally fast you’ll get swarmed and eaten.

Hunk’s arsenal, while impressive, is also limited, and there are no additional items to scavenge in 4th Survivor. In order to preserve resources, you should avoid conflict whenever possible. This goes doubly true when you encounter Mr. X later on in the run. Get hung up fighting a group of enemies and Mr. X will gladly punish you for your hesitation.

Memorize Enemy Groupings and Patterns

One of the nice things about 4th Survivor is that the specific enemies you encounter remain consistent every time. This means that you can slowly learn what you’ll encounter next over multiple runs, allowing you to plan better. Experimentation is also encouraged since you never know when and/or where you’ll find a more efficient strategy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Heavy Weapons

You may be tempted to hold off on using Hunk’s shotgun and magnum, but don’t hold off too much. The shotgun in particular can really save your bacon in a tight spot, especially when dealing with lone zombies. Plus, Hunk’s inventory includes the gunpowder materials for more shotgun shells so you don’t have to be super stingy.

Try to Preserve Your Auxiliary Weapons

One weapon type you *should* try to make last, however, is your auxiliary weapons (knives, grenades, etc.). Manually deploying a grenade can clear an entire room of zombies, and even flash grenades work in a pinch. However, you won’t have any grenades to deploy if you use them all up countering enemy grab attempts.

You’ll definitely want to have some auxiliary weapons towards the end of the run since that’s when plant zombies appear. Plant zombies can instantly kill you with their grab attacks, unless you have an auxiliary weapon to counter with.

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