Resident Evil 2 Screenshots Show Tofu and Hunk Looking Better Than Ever

Capcom knows that the release of Resident Evil 2 has got fans riled up and excited. Even with some minor differences between regions, people are more hyped than ever. As such, Capcom decided to release some Resident Evil 2 screenshots to give fans something amazing to look forward to (besides the New Game Plus mode). These screenshots show off characters like the Tofu man and Hunk.

Resident Evil 2 gets new screenshots!

The latest Resident Evil 2 remake screenshots are here!

Capcom shared the screenshots through a Twitter post on the official Resident Evil account. It’s a group of pictures that depict characters like Tofu and Hunk. For those who don’t know, they were secret characters that had their own storyline in the original release of Resident Evil 2.

In the original game, Hunk was an Umbrella Security Service agent and the fourth survivor of the Raccoon City outbreak. In his minigame, Hunk must escape the city with the sample of the G-Virus he got. Additionally, his scenario was unlocked by completing both Leon and Claire scenarios with an A Ranking. As you can see, the fourth survivor will make a comeback in the remake.

Tofu and Hunk were characters originally present in the 90's release of Resident Evil 2

Hunk is an extra character with a canon storyline in the original Resident Evil 2

Alternatively, the Tofu Survivor was an even deeper hidden secret. The scenario the Tofu block goes through is also a parody of Hunk’s mini game. Additionally, Tofu’s scenario was harder than Hunk’s. Furthermore, the minigame for the Tofu Survivor was much harder to unlock. In fact, to unlock it, players had to clear any scenario 6 times in a row under two and a half hours with an A Ranking. However, the reward is definitely worth it.

The Tofu Scenario is considered one of the hardest minigames in Resident Evil 2

Tofu and Hunk were characters originally present in the 90's release of Resident Evil 2

What do you think about these screenshots? Are you excited to see the return of the Fourth Survivor and the Tofu Survivor? Will you dare to clear the minigame scenarios? Are you hyped about the release of Resident Evil 2? Let us know your thoughts at the VGR forums and stay tuned for more news and updates.