Rocket Race Hinted To Drop In Halo: Master Chief Collection

Rocket Race is one of these modes that we miss in Halo: Master Chief Collection. Luckily though, a new tease hints its release on the collection although we don’t know if it will be coming along Halo: Reach. The tease is short and well put together, so we’re particularly happy for the unexpected news.

Tyler “Postums” Davis, Community Support & Engagement Coordinator for 343 Industries has taken to Twitter to reveal that Rocket Race is coming soon. Fans were quick to question if it will be in Halo 5 or Halo: Master Chief Collection. However, he confirms that the tease is for the latter.

In case you don’t know Rocket Race, it was a Halo 3 and Halo: Reach mode, including four teams of two players. Here’s a quick overview according to the Halo Fandom page:

A Rocket Race match starts with four teams of two players—Red, Blue, Green, and Orange. At the start of the match, one player from each team is randomly the VIP. The VIP rides on the back of the Mongoose, using their Rocket Launcher, while the other player acts as the driver.

Rocket Race teased for Halo: Master Chief Collection

The driver’s objective is to escort their VIPs to the current objective. The VIP’s objective is to use their Rocket Launcher to hinder other teams’ progress. Damage is disabled with the VIP, so vehicles cannot be destroyed unless there is no one in the vehicle, and players can only be killed by a non-VIP. The only way to kill someone is through an assassination. These settings result in fun and chaotic gameplay. The game ends when a team gets 10 points.

343 Industries has also revealed that Halo: Reach might be coming to Halo: Master Chief Collection sometime in the future. With this project and Halo Infinite in the works, the studio has its hands full at the moment. For more Halo news, stay tuned to VGR.