RPG Harry Potter Game Details Leaked

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is planning to release a “Harry Potter” RPG game at some point soon. Rumors and leaks began back in 2018. Now, more details are leaking across the internet. Despite no official announcement from the brand or developers, the news is already spreading rapidly. Here’s everything you should know right now.

What Is the Game About?

Although there is no title yet, many details about this “Harry Potter” game have already made their way across social media and news channels. The first details about the RPG emerged in an article from Eurogamer back in 2018.

The source shared that this game uses third-person combat mechanics as you explore the wizarding world in a 19th-century setting. It’s a role-playing game where you choose your own path, good or evil, and immerse yourself in the universe.

New details recently emerged in a Bloomberg article, leaking even more information on the game, despite no official announcement as of now. It’s an open-world game that focuses heavily on exploring the settings you know and love. With the main stage being Hogwarts and its surrounding regions, you can create a “Harry Potter” story of your own.

Interestingly, this game takes place decades before the “Fantastic Beasts” films. It pre-dates Dumbledore, too. You join Hogwarts as a fifth-year student and a late arrival. The rest is seemingly up to you as you start your journey, cursing dark wizards and goblins along the way and using magic to navigate through the world.

It has high potential to become one of Warner Bros.’ most ambitious games yet.

What Are the Release Details?

The game comes from Avalanche Software and, based on the 2018 leaks, it’s been in development since at least that time. Disney used to own Avalanche software, but Warner Bros. acquired the company in 2017 — which is likely when the “Harry Potter” RPG idea came around.

Not many details have leaked about the logistics or technology side of things. Fans are still wondering what features the game will have. Some want to see if it supports 3D audio functions and others want to see if it will work with virtual reality (VR). Much is still unclear.

As for an official announcement, a trailer or a release date, these details are still up in the air as well.

The game’s rollout is a little messy — that’s not entirely shocking due to the pandemic delaying productions and developments across the world. However, fans are giving mixed responses due to J.K. Rowling’s recent tweets regarding transgender individuals and gender identities.

After significant backlash for her comments, Rowling found herself in hot water. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, the two stars from the “Harry Potter” films, spoke out in support of transgender communities after her comments.

Though the rumors claim that Rowling has little involvement with the game, some fans are now hesitant about buying it once it comes out. Still, it’s unclear how this controversy will affect the game’s sales.

Since it’s likely to come out in late 2021, stay tuned to see how Rowling’s involvement and controversies play a role.

Reportedly, the original plans involved announcing the game at this past June’s E3 convention. However, due to the pandemic, the event was canceled. According to the Bloomberg article, the new potential announcement date could be in August. Montreal’s FanDome in August seeks to discuss the upcoming “Batman” game — it’s possible Warner Bros. could slot in the “Harry Potter” announcement then.

Watching and Waiting

Since Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed anything yet, it’s hard to know how accurate these leaks and rumors will turn out to be. Bloomberg states that its sources are anonymous employees from the developer. However, plans change — so keep watching and waiting for more updates.

The RPG-based “Harry Potter” game will be available for next-gen systems PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. There is no word on a PC version yet. Keep an eye on late 2021 as the release date.