Rumor: The Last of Us: Part 2 Releasing in 2019

It’s been around five years since The Last of Us released, setting a new benchmark for realism, grit, character development and immersion in video game storytelling—and still it has not been matched. We were left with one of the most memorable endings in video game history, one fraught with uncertainty and emotional turmoil. To say it feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for the sequel doesn’t quite cover it.

Unfortunately, those who have their hopes up for a 2018 release of The Last of Us 2 will need to take a deep breath and steal themselves for a disappointment. The next installment probably will not be releasing until 2019—at least if Days Gone creative director John Garvin is to be believed.

Naturally, Days Gone and The Last of Us: Part 2 are going to need to be spaced out a bit in terms of release dates. Both are zombie-themed games, and both are PS4 exclusives. Recently Game Informer was talking to Garvin about Days Gone, and asked whether Days Gone would be releasing ahead of The Last of Us: Part 2. Point blank, Garvin responded, “Yes.”

Days Gone doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the game is expected early in 2019. Logically, that means that The Last of Us 2 cannot possibly come out during 2018.

It’s not too often you get such a concrete, straightforward answer from a video game developer regarding unannounced release dates. So does this guarantee that The Last of Us 2 won’t release this year? Not necessarily, but there is no reason not to take Garvin seriously. He didn’t dance around the question, so there is a good chance that what he said was accurate.

So we’ll just have to hang in there and be patient. In the meantime, it’s been announced that The Last of Us: Part 2 will be showcased during E3 this year. So hopefully we’ll have a lot more news for you soon. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even announce a release date then. Stay tuned.