Sony’s Santa Monica Studio Releases 1.22 Patch for God of War

Last week, Santa Monica Studio released the 1.2 update for God of War. The patch made a long list of tweaks, fixes, and so forth. However, 1.2 was most widely recognized for introducing the long-awaited Photo Mode to the game. The other key change was to increase text size for the game’s UI and menus, making things easier to read. This week, the studio is releasing update 1.22.

The 1.22 Update

Although 1.22 isn’t introducing any major new features like Photo Mode, it will likely be appreciated by fans all the same. Santa Monica Studio certainly hasn’t been dawdling when it comes to patches. The studio has been releasing very frequent updates, all aimed at improving the experience of God of War. 1.22 is no different. The patch notes detail an array of bug fixes and general improvements to the game as a whole. The notes also list “stability and performance enhancements”, indicating that the game may play even smoother as well.

While many major bugs were dealt with in the earlier 1.1 patches, the expectation is that the patches will continue to iron out smaller and smaller issues. That includes game balance as well, of course, and some players have reported equipment nerfs already. Aegis Protection and the Gauntlet of Shattered Dimensions in particular appear to have been nerfed to some degree. There have also been reports of a change to allow players to reach the final tier of weapon upgrades before completing the main story.

All in all, Santa Monica Studio’s patch notes do leave a lot to be desired. Rather than list every specific instance of a tweak or fix, as some developers do, their notes are rather brief and rarely cite specific issues. While that may be the case, fans should have little to complain about here. Santa Monica Studio seems dedicated to improving the God of War experience as much as they can, as quickly as they can, and that is only a good thing for gamers.