Server Network Issues Affect Battlefield 5 and Other EA Titles

Earlier today, EA launched the Anthem VIP demo; gamers’ first opportunity to play the upcoming game. Unfortunately, the demo launch seems to have resulted in widespread server network issues. Battlefield 5 network problems have arisen, while other gamers are having difficulties with other EA titles like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and FIFA.

Anthem Battlefield 5 Network Issues

Battlefield 5 Network Issues Follow Launch of Anthem VIP Demo

The Anthem VIP Demo began earlier this afternoon, and Battlefield 5 network issues began shortly thereafter, before spreading rapidly to other titles. “Servers are getting SLAMMED,” Tweeted Anthem Community Manager Jesse Anderson; “team is working on it as we speak.”

Access to the Anthem VIP Demo is restricted to gamers who have both subscribed to Origin and pre-ordered Anthem. This should in theory help to limit numbers and ease the pressure on servers. However, the load is evidently more significant than EA’s estimations. Gamers have been reporting problems accessing both the Anthem demo and a host of other EA titles which share the same server network. Since problems began, EA representatives have been addressing concerns on Twitter. Corey Andress, Global Community Manager for EA Sports, Tweeted that; “Servers are being impacted in all EA games. The situation is fluid and I don’t have anything more to share right now. Obviously as I hear more, I will.”

Also on Twitter, another EA Community Manager, Ben Walke, made the statement that; “This is affecting multiple EA titles. I’m currently watching a lot of people work on the issue, and pretending to know what they are talking about.”

At present, connectivity across the network seems to be improving. In all likelihood, a large number of players were waiting to access the Anthem VIP Demo once it became accessible, and all logged into the servers at once. Hopefully, the network will stabilise over the next few hours and days. Looking ahead to Anthem’s launch, it seems likely that this could happen again on an even larger scale unless EA takes significant preventative measures.