The Skyrim Together Multiplayer Mod is Almost Complete

After a long period of development, the ambitious ‘Skyrim Together’ multiplayer mod could soon be available for players. The mod’s creators recently said that it could be entering a closed beta “soon,” with a release to follow shortly after. The mod aims to add options for up to eight-player cooperative multiplayer to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

The Skyrim Together Multiplayer Mod Could be Finished Soon

The news of the impending release of Skyrim Together has, of course, prompted comparisons to Fallout 76. Bethesda’s first foray into online multiplayer has had a troubled start, to say the least, although it offers a very different sort of multiplayer experience. While Fallout 76 has a design more like a pared-down MMO, Skyrim Together features more direct multiplayer. According to the mod creators, the closed beta will be available to fans who are Patreon backers of the project. An open beta will follow shortly after, and then the full release. We currently have no release date of either the closed or open beta,” say the creators in a recent post; “The open will be announced potentially a week or two after the closed.

Skyrim Together Mod to Enter Closed Beta Soon

Gameplay showing the mod in action has already been revealed by the creators. Earlier this month, they held a three-hour livestream of mod gameplay. Hopefully, the beta process will help to uncover any bugs or issues, although the mod footage looks relatively solid. This isn’t the first attempt to make a Skyrim multiplayer mod, but this may be the first to actually achieve that goal. The creators also say that most mods made using the Bethesda Creation Kit should work with Skyrim Together, though there may be exceptions.

The mod features its own servers, currently located in Europe, and facilitates up to eight-person multiplayer. This figure isn’t concrete, however, and could increase in the future. Unlike a lot of Skyrim mods, Skyrim Together won’t be available on Steam Workshop, at Bethesda’s insistence. As such, the mod features its own launcher.