Some Battlefield V Maps Might Be Remakes From Battlefield 1942

What makes a Battlefield title truly stand up to its name? If not for its huge, filled with war scenes maps then we don’t know what it is. According to latest reports, some of the Battlefield V maps will be remakes of some of the most iconic ones from Battlefield 1942.

According to Executive Producer at DICE, Aleksander Grøndal, there’s a chance that we might see some of the Battlefield V maps being remade versions of ones we’ve seen in Battlefield 1942. As an answer to a fans question of whether we’ll see maps from 1942 used in Battlefield V, Grondal revealed that his favorite Battlefield V is 1942 and that he’ll “leave it at that”.

It’s not usual for developers to reply with such cryptic answers to fans. If such a theory was to be false then his answer would be much more straight forward and honest. At least we think as much.

For now, we don’t have much information about Battlefield V. Past news reveal that the game will feature bigger battles and some kind of fortification feature, which might seem like what we’ve seen in Fortnite but it’s not quite that. You’ll be able to add fortifications to destroyed structures but structures won’t be that safe anymore as well.

As DICE detailed, buildings in Battlefield V will have a more realistic way of destruction and won’t act as much as a cover like past titles. Now, you’ll get shot behind thin walls so you’ll have to be extra careful with where you choose to take cover.

We expect more information about Battlefield V to be revealed during E3 2018, possibly at Microsoft’s showcase, who has the marketing rights for the title just like Sony has for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Battlefield V releases on October 19th on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC through Origin.