Sony May Change its PS5 Haptic Feedback System

Even new gamers know that one of the hottest gaming consoles on the market is the PS5. While it can be hard for a gamer to get their hands on a PS5, the ones that manage to bag one have noticed issues with Sony’s DualSense controllers. 

The DualSense controller was one of Sony’s main selling points for the PS5 console. The controllers were released on October 29, 2020, before the PS5 came out.

The controllers feature Haptic Feedback to help players feel the in-game environment and actions right in the palm of their hands. Adaptive triggers on the controller had varying levels of force and tension, depending on the game the user plays.

A recent development suggests that Sony may have changed its PS5 haptic feedback system on the DualSense controller. Continue reading to learn more details about this possible upgrade and other information about the DualSense controller and haptic feedback system.

Is There a Possible Upgrade for the DualSense Controller Haptic Feedback System?

As mentioned before, Sony may be changing the haptic feedback system in its DualSense controllers. The existing haptic feedback system is hailed as a major improvement. However, the haptic responses depend on whether or not game developers create titles that support the system.

In other words, game developers may need to make significant upgrades to their games to support the haptic feedback system feature in a DualSense controller.

Recent reports suggest that Sony filed a new patent that shows the company is working on developing a way for DualSense controllers to personalize and automatically generate haptic feedback for players, going beyond what game developers input. In a sense, haptic feedback would be sent to a player’s controller regardless of if a developer updates a game to support the DualSense system.

Based on the patent, it seems as though Sony wants to find interactive tasks within a game and create specific haptic responses based on the task and what a player does to complete the task. Additionally, the patent would change the system to use information from a player’s profile to determine what type of feedback should be given. Prior playing experiences and a PS5 player’s haptic system settings may play a role in this new system.

If this new haptic feedback system patent is approved, it wouldn’t be available until the next PS5 update. However, it could add more titles to the PS5 library, including backward compatibility PS4 games that can be played on the PS5.

Other Issues With the PS5 DualSense Controller

Since the PS5 was first introduced, some players noticed other issues with the DualSense controller. The controller’s L and R buttons would sometimes drift, impacting gameplay. For example, if you played Fornite, your character might move even if your hands aren’t on the controller.

However, seasoned gamers know the issues with controllers are common and even expected. Some players visit online forums to ask about the PS4 controller battery life and how long they can use it before recharging. 

Others question the main differences between the Xbox Series X/S/One controllers because Xbox continues to upgrade its consoles and controllers. There are also videos online that show a PS5 controller teardown. These videos suggest that the DualSense controllers and the materials used within the controller’s design were prone to causing the drift issue.

Some sources report that Sony has quietly fixed the drift issue on new models of the DualSense controller. Recently, gaming YouTuber TronicsFix did a teardown of the PS5 controller models and found some key differences.

TronicsFix – New PS5 Controller Teardown & Comparison

The new model has thicker, 0.3 mm springs underneath the buttons, whereas the old model contained 0.25 mm springs. This slight upgrade in thickness may make these Sony controllers more durable, especially for gaming enthusiasts or PS5 players who play every day and for hours at a time.

Sony Making Controller Improvements for PS5 Players

While Sony’s patent does show improvements to the PS5 haptic feedback system, it’s not guaranteed that these changes will be implemented. Tech companies will often file patents without having specific plans about how the patent will be used.

Regardless, Sony is aware of how players feel about the PS5 DualSense controllers and will likely work to improve the haptic feedback system at some point. When those changes are made, it’ll be interesting to see the influx of reviews of the new system and how players feel about it.