Sony Skipped E3 2019, Still Third Most Popular Publisher

It is rare for anyone to actually be shocked by video game industry news. But when Sony announced earlier this year that it was not going to show up to E3 2019, it came as a genuine shock to the industry. Yet perhaps the publisher managed to prove its point in some way. Despite not showing up to the convention, it still ranked as the third most popular publisher at E3 2019.

How Sony Still Ended Up the Third Most Popular Publisher at E3

This news comes from Hollywood Reporter. In this case, popularity is being measured according to chatter. By saying that Sony was the “third most popular” publisher at E3, Hollywood Reporter is specifically stating that it was the third most tweeted-about. The article states, “Nintendo earned the most tweets of any game publisher this year, followed by Xbox, Sony (impressive, considering the Japanese company was absent from this year’s convention), Square Enix and Bethesda.”

Who says you need to show up at E3 to make a showing? Sony still ranked as the third most popular publisher this year.

How did Sony achieve this distinction of being the third most popular publisher at E3? First of all, to be fair, it is Sony. Sony is one of the hardware giants alongside Xbox and Nintendo, and a significant amount of talk about the company would be expected regardless of other factors.

Secondly, just because Sony itself did not show up, that did not mean that third-party games for PS4 were also absent. Quite a few major titles were revealed during E3, complete with announcements for PS4 exclusive content (Marvel’s Avengers being a prime example). So that meant that a lot of people tweeted about Sony indirectly.

So there you have it. You apparently do not need to appear at a major industry convention to get a lot of publicity from it. If Sony wanted to prove that it is so big that it could capitalize on E3 without bothering to show, it has won its case.

But on the other hand, if Sony was trying to prove that the convention is no longer “relevant” (as it stated previously), it certainly has not succeeded on that front. But let’s face it. The real reason Sony probably chose to skip the convention likely had nothing to do with that. Either the company simply had nothing to show us, or it didn’t feel like dealing with the organizers. Those are our theories.

So even without Sony attending E3 2019, a lot of news and rumors have come out about the company, upcoming PS4 games, and PS5. And we are sure to see a lot more news and updates showing up soon. So keep up with our PlayStation news section so that you do not miss anything.