A Splinter Cell Animated Series is Reportedly Coming to Netflix

For years now, plenty of gamers have been hoping for Ubisoft to announce a new Splinter Cell game, only to have their hopes repeatedly dashed. However, it seems that Ubisoft is indeed working on something related to the franchise, only it’s not a game. According to a new insider report, Ubisoft have partnered with Netflix to produce an animated Splinter Cell series, written by none other than the writer of the John Wick films.

A Splinter Cell Netflix Series: What We Know So Far

This recent report was published today by Variety. Both Ubisoft and Netflix declined to comment on the report. As such, it’s very likely that this news is the result of a leak, well ahead of any officially announcement. According to the report, the Splinter Cell Netflix series will be; “an adult animated series adaptation of the video game,” with Derek Kolstad serving as both writer and executive producer. Kolstad is perhaps best known for writing the John Wick films. Moreover, he is also writing Marvel’s upcoming ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘ series, as well as an as-yet untitled Just Cause movie.

Splinter Cell Netflix Series Reportedly in the Works

Furthermore, it seems that Netflix is fairly confident that the Splinter Cell series will be successful. As part of their deal with Ubisoft, they have reportedly ordered two full seasons of eight episodes each. It’s unknown if that will be the sum total of the series, or whether that’s just what they’re ordering initially.

Of course, from the details of the report, it sounds as though this deal has only just been struck. That means that the Splinter Cell Netflix series probably won’t actually be ready to launch for quite a long time. However, Kolstad is certainly a name likely to excite fans. As such, expect hype to slowly build as the series enters the early stages of production. Unfortunately, given that the series hasn’t even had an official announcement yet, it could be quite a while before either Ubisoft or Netflix releases any further details about it.