The Basic Methods of Crafting in Path of Exile

Whether you want to sell it or use it, good equipment is hard to get without crafting. In Path of Exile, there are several ways you can alter and customize your equipment. They need different amounts of orbs and PoE currency, but this guide can help you keep the spending low.

Without further ado, here are the most effective methods of crafting in PoE.

Upgrading Rarity

You can upgrade your normal (white) items to magic or rarelevel rarity. It’s a simple process and would only require an Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Chance, or Orb of Alchemy. Rarer items have modifiers that change the properties of the item. Magic ones can only handle one on each end, while rare ones can have six at most. Using an Orb of Alchemy automatically adds two modifiers.

Adding Modifiers

You can add modifiers one by one or all at once. There are two ways: using a Chaos Orb, and the systematic Alt/Regal/Exalt method. Using a Chaos Orb randomizes the modifiers as well as the number of modifiers. It’s a method for making a generally good piece of equipment. Also, it’s better when you’re not looking for anything specific, or are looking for synergistic modifiers.

The Alt/Regal/Exalt method is a more complicated affair. However, it’s the way to get specific mods.  You’re going to need several Orbs of Transmutation, Orbs of Alteration, Regal Orbs, and Exalted Orbs. It’s not required but Eternal Orbs, Orbs of Scouring, Divine Orbs and Blessed Orbs are also good items to stock for the process.

The first step is to get the normal item you want to craft. Then you use an Orb of Transmutation to turn it into a magic item. Next, use Orbs of Alteration until you get the modifiers you want. After that, you use a Regal Orb.

If you don’t like the mods on the resulting item, you can use an Orb of Scouring and start over again. Otherwise, you can use an Eternal Orb so you can ‘reset’ the item later at this point. It’s a good idea to do so, as it prevents you from having to start the process all over again. Continuing the process means using three Exalted Orbs next. Reset with the Eternal Orb if you rolled an unwanted mod and you made an imprint at the point specified. When you’ve gotten the mods you want, you can boost them with Divine and Blessed Orbs.

Crafting Modifiers

Using the crafting bench in your hideout, you can actually craft modifications for your stuff. You can find recipes in specific areas and maps, as well as master content. Generally, you can only apply one crafted mod on an item, but there are ways to subvert that limitation. Other than making a mod for your use, it can actually limit the randomized nature of Exalted Orbs. A crafted mod applied to an item prevents Exalted Orbs from rolling a modification of the same type. It’s a way to raise the likelihood of getting the desired mod.

The more advanced crafting method revolves around meta-crafting mods and Orbs of Scouring. While the latter’s description implies that all properties are removed, meta-crafted ones can actually protect certain mods from its effects. Also, you can make ‘Can have multiple crafted mods’ to subvert the one crafted mod limitation.

More Advanced Techniques

There are more specific methods of using meta-mods, but it’s better to find those out by yourself. Then there are socket crafting and using Vaal Orbs. The latter is quite risky, with the side effect of losing important properties or sockets. Also, it prevents further modification of the item.

At any rate, whether it’s for your own use or for PoE trading, these are the basic methods of crafting in PoE. They are the building blocks for more complicated and complex crafting, so whether you’re new to the game or a time-tested veteran, this is something good to know. Master the basics, and future crafting endeavors will become easy as apple pie.

Go and enjoy your adventures in Wraeclast with your crafted gear!