The BFG 10000 Of DOOM Eternal Is Massive

DOOM Eternal will have it all and so much more. In one of the new places players will visit, there will be a giant BFG called BFG 10000. Recently, the official DOOM Twitter account tweeted the massive new BFG with an interesting description. The gun looks powerful enough but what will be the story behind it?

During its gameplay reveal, the developers of DOOM Eternal mentioned their new plan for the multiple places and dimensions added to the sequel of DOOM 2016. One of these destinations is called Phobos. The location is a technologically advanced one and looked terrific.

What is interesting about Phobos, though, is that it houses a giant version of the BFG called BFG 10,000. The weapon is like a gigantic building that simply stands there and shoots. An exciting GIF showing this was recently posted by the official DOOM Twitter account. Its description was also exciting:

“#DOOM Eternal’s BFG-10000. Bet it could do some damage.”

BFG 10000 does look dominant, and it just stands there. It is natural to wonder how is Doom Slayer going to pick that up. Knowing that the developers aimed at making him the most powerful and most badass Doom Slayer of all, we are guessing that it will be easy for him. Or would it be?

The previous versions of the BFG were already astounding and compelling. The new one also has a new name. Therefore, it seems that it will be a unique one and maybe way better than the previous BFG versions. I bet you will want to get to Phobos instantly after grabbing the game and launching it for the first time. Phobos seemed like the least exciting place of DOOM Eternal until BFG was revealed to be in there. Now it looks like a must-see destination before you move on to the next dimensions filled with demons.