The DOOM 2 Mod Annie Finally Gets Released

Another DOOM 2 mod launched its first episode yesterday. The modder Serge Jaeken did twelve whole years to develop and release this mod. It goes by the title of Annie, and it is playable on GZDoom. It is somewhat bizarre and features many cool additions to the original DOOM 2 game.

Modders are always up to something, but when it comes to DOOM, they will probably never stop releasing new mods based on any of the franchise’s titles. Annie is the new DOOM 2 mod that launched yesterday, and it looks interesting. Serge Jaeken is the amateur modder who spent twelve years to develop this mod and finally managed to release its first episode.

Annie features many custom elements, as Jaeken said, like music, monsters, textures, weapons and many more. It was created using GZDoom. Therefore, it takes advantage of every cool feature the engine has. Annie also has fogs, slopes, scripts and 3D floors that prove its advanced features compared to various other older DOOM mods.

Jaeken is planning to release another three episodes of Annie. It will have all sixteen levels, but its plot is much more interesting than its characteristics on the whole. Annie is the name of a Spider Mastermind that UAC desperately want to capture. They move her to another planet called Thanatos to transform her into a defense mechanism against other demonic creatures. However, their plan fails. As Serge Jaeken pointed out:

“The UAC headquarters on Earth received a distress call by the last of the remaining UAC personnel on Thanatos. The message that the headquarters received was disrupted and chaotic, so the marines sent in to deal with the situation didn’t know exactly what to expect on Thanatos and were quickly overrun by the invaders.”

That is when your main protagonist comes in. You will be the ones to find out what happens from then on. Download Annie here or, instead, head to Jaeken’s website and get it from there.