The Growth in Popularity of Online Poker

Pandemics such as the Covid-19 have always changed the status quo. The offline gambling industry is one of the many sectors that has been hit hard. The onset of Covid-19 across the world forced the industry to shut its doors.

Gambling arenas and gaming resorts were forced to close. The management sent home workers and the owners had no choice but to let count losses. Some of the entrepreneurs in the gambling industry have not recovered until date with some repaying debts amounting to millions of dollars.

To salvage the situation, some shrewd casino resort owners decided to find a way out. One of the alternatives they shifted to was online poker. It is important to note that poker has been around for many years. Poker is one of the oldest forms of gambling.

Origin of Poker

Perhaps, no other gambling sector has transformed as poker has. The current gambling genre known as poker traces its history to France. It was in the 17th century when colonialists introduced this game in French territory. Then, the game was referred to as Poque.

The game has taken different directions over the years. Poker has developed, transformed, and perhaps taken different versions. A game that was once played offline is today available online including video poker Canada, which offers players huge odds.

One of the popular poker games is Texas Hold ‘Em. This game is all over the world with a majority of enthusiasts in the West. Although slots have also diversified over the years, there is no doubt that poker has bitten slots and any other gambling genre.

Still, you may ask, how big is online poker? Before we find the answer to that question, it’d be prudent to start with this one.

How Big is the Gambling Industry Especially Online Gambling?

Gambling is a big industry. The industry is huge to the point that different governments have found it hard to regulate it properly. More than any other time in history, it is easy to gamble legally.

What is more, you do not need to visit a gaming resort to gamble. Thanks to online gambling platforms, you can place your bet from the comfort of your couch.

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), there were over 2,800 registered sites in 2018. These legally registered websites around the world offer gamers different gambling options.

Thanks to the versatility of these online gambling platforms, many people can now play their games any time. Besides, they can play from wherever they are. These gamblers no longer need to depend on traditional gaming resorts to quench their gambling thirst.

Online Gambling Makes a Kill

With the rapid shift from brick-and-mortar settings, online gambling has increased in recent days. Thanks to the transition, the online gambling sector is currently estimated at $73 billion yearly. This amount is likely to grow each year with many gaming investors directing their attention online. 

According to stakeholders, this amount is expected to shoot to a whopping $127 billion in the year 2027. To understand this, Laos, a country in Southeast Asia has a GDP of $19 billion. From that example alone, it is evident that the online gambling industry is worth more than several small countries combined.

Today, many people have access to laptops and other smart devices, making it easy and convenient to gamble online as many times as they want. Most of these devices can access several sites at one go.

Additionally, many countries around the world have relaxed rules and regulations on the use of the internet to access betting sites. Others have lowered the betting age with some not concerned about who bets on what. This, too, has increased the number of people gambling.

Popular Online Poker Games

Although online poker is becoming increasingly popular, not all forms of online poker are popular. Some of the online poker games are more popular than others. However, if you are a beginner, it can be extremely confusing trying to find an online poker game to play.

Modern online poker games especially video poker come with many features and symbols that can easily confuse inexperienced poker players. Nonetheless, gaming software experts have tried to make it easy for players to find the right poker games.

As such, some of the popular online poker games include:

Seven-Card Stud – this is one of the oldest online poker games. It is a great place to start especially for players without much experience. The game comes with straightforward rules. 

Texas Hold ‘Em – perhaps the most popular among all online poker games. Almost every online poker site has this game. The game is easy to learn, follow instructions, and easy to earn. Players can play the game alone, with online friends, or even with family at home.

High/Low Chicago – this game is also very popular among online poker games but has a twist. With this, you can make big wins with either the highest or the lowest hand. Thanks to this feature alone, the game is even more interesting and fun to play.

Pot-Limit Omaha – this game is definitely for more experienced poker players. Pot-Limit Omaha features critical specs, making it a perfect reservation for high rollers. If you are the kind of poker player who knows how to bluff (an essential skill in playing online poker) correctly, this is your perfect poker game. 

Apart from these four popular online poker games, players can get dozens of other games. While most online poker games are easy to learn, they are ultimately difficult to master. 

Before settling on a particular poker game, many gamers would have tried several online poker games. Once they find a game they are confident to play, they stick to it, master all the tricks before trying on another game.

Interestingly, most online gambling websites offer players a chance to play some games free. Some sites even give players a chance to choose which games they’d like to play at no fee. That way, it makes it easy for gamers to try different games. 

If they do this on different sites, they will be able to master the tricks of playing many poker games.