The newest DOOM Mod Is The DOOM Slayer Chronicles Mod

A new DOOM mod is soon to be added to the already big list of DOOM mods. Doom Slayer Chronicles is scheduled to be released in Fall 2018. It is already completed, and it features modern-day advanced graphics. You will be able to play the mod if you own the GZDoom engine.

Modder bifurcator_x has announced the completion of his newest mod called Doom Slayer Chronicles. It is a complete conversion of GZDoom and DOOM 2. The mod is scheduled to be released in Fall 2018, so it will not be long until you get to experience it. Along with the announcement about its completion and release date, the modder released its official gameplay trailer.

Of course, the new mod will be designed based on the latest technology. It will have hardware shaders, PBR texture, high-resolution textures, full-screen post-processing, and dynamic lighting. All its features will be based on the new GZDoom ones.

However, Doom Slayer Chronicles will require a firm PC to run smoothly. That is why bifurcator_x is thinking about releasing lower quality packs. The DSC Material Pack will feature all the materials for the DSC original high-resolution textures. The Low Res Texture Pack will have the unique compositions of the DSC a bit downsampled to the native DOOM resolution. Of course, the Low Res Material Pack will be a set of materials in the native Doom resolution as well.

We do not have the exact release date of Doom Slayer Chronicles yet. We know it is coming this fall though. Therefore, stay tuned to be the first to know when is going to be released. Until then, you can watch the official teaser trailer of Doom Slayer Chronicles to take your first look at what it will be and how awesome it already looks.