The Three Most Peculiar DOOM Mods People Have Made So Far

Every once in a while someone manages to release some sort of DOOM mod. We have seen many different ones since the release of the original DOOM, and people are quite creative, that is for sure. However, the most fun ones are also the weirdest ones. Here are three of the most peculiar DOOM mods ever made.


Do you want DOOM to have more demons and monster that you can kill? Do you want an endless sea of monsters waiting for you to wipe them out? NUTS is definitely what you are looking. It starts with your main character looking at an endless sea of demons that you have to kill. That is definitely the most primal DOOM mod ever made. Let your instincts guide you to survive this vast world filled with monsters.

Zharkov Goes to the Store

Are you fed up with the original DOOM’s guns? Do you want to experience a whole new set of weapons including some bizarre ones? Zharkov Goes to the Store adds various unusual weapons to the original DOOM that you can use to defeat the monsters. My favorite one is Doomguy’s arm. You can literally tear off your own arm and throw it at the enemies to kill them.

Doom Vacation

Because why not? If you are tired of playing the same DOOM world and maps, you should try Doom Vacation mod. Doomguy has come to a beach resort to kill monsters in this one. The more remarkable thing in Doom Vacation is that you get to kill them using a water pistol. Do you want to get in the spirit for this summer by playing a game that has the same mood as well? Doom Vacation will teleport you to a beach where you can do your thing and shoot at everything that moves and messes with your relaxation time.