The top online casino bonuses and promotions
in the US

Online casino gaming isn’t just about finding the site or mobile app you like and using it devoutly. Given that there is so much competitiveness within the online casino world, businesses that operate in the industry will try to get your attention in multiple ways. Bonuses and promotions are a generic tool that businesses have used for centuries, whether it’s the ever popular try before you buy or buy one get one free. Any promotion that aims to save you money or give you a sample of their service will always attract attention.

While you certainly don’t need to look for casino bonuses and promotions, it isn’t just a case of picking the first bonus code you see online. We’d recommend checking out online casino bonuses and promotions on affiliate sites and social media comments or even speaking to family and friends to see which online casino they use or would recommend.

Casino gaming in the US

In the first period of online casino gaming, from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, casino gaming had a global breakthrough. Countries that allowed casino gaming were quick to facilitate online gambling, but the US was slightly behind.

In the early 2010s, this whole landscape switched quite dramatically. Shortly after a handful of states legalized online casino gaming, it snowballed into over two dozen states. We recommend checking out the legality and the legislative standpoint of casino gaming in your region so that you don’t run into difficulty further down the line when you play online casino games.

Casinos are raking in huge numbers, and their business models are proving to be a huge hit. Although there are factors to consider alongside the change in legislation, there’s no doubt that the US is currently in the middle of a casino gaming boom.

The criteria of a top online casino bonus or promotion

There are a cluster of components that constitute a top online casino bonus, and it can also depend on which casino games you enjoy. For example, a casino offering 300 free spins for new customers is a great bonus for slot players. If the only casino game you play is blackjack, then this type of promotion doesn’t make you sit up and pay attention.

The first element of a high-quality bonus is flexibility. You don’t want to only have one way to use it, whether it’s the slots example we mentioned above or a bet you can only use on one casino game; a good bonus will give you options.

Regardless of the type of bonus, you want to ensure you have time to use it. Some bonuses seem fantastic on the surface, but you may only have a couple of days to use them before they expire. Another thing to keep an eye on, especially in slot gaming, is playthrough and wagering requirements. Often, slot gamers will use a bonus, only to find that they can only cash a small amount of their winnings into actual cash, or their prize is paid out in in-game tokens.

While it’s nice to have a free attempt at some of your favorite games, winning on a free spin and not receiving any real cash payout can be disappointing. Checking the terms and conditions beforehand will help you navigate promotions and avoid you feeling disappointed or surprised once you’ve used them.

Top casino bonuses and promotions in the US

Embarking on a digital hunt for the top welcome promotions and bonuses in the US can be quite an adventure. You can really begin to pile up some serious value if you know how to shop around and find the right bonuses. If you don’t know how, you can take advantage of our list. Below, we have listed the top bonuses that we have come across recently, and after hours of detailed research, and the odd spin ourselves, this is our final list: 

Caesars Casino

As one of the most notable logos in the entire casino industry, Caesars is a stalwart in casino gaming, establishing itself long before the internet transformed society. They didn’t miss a trick when it came to adapting to the new digital landscape either.

As all types of gaming seemed to move online rapidly, with Call of Duty and other video games showcasing the immense appetite that people had to take their general gaming online, Caesars took their highly successful land-based operation and mirrored it online.

Instead of denouncing it or shrugging off the challenge posed by online casinos, they readjusted their model and opened their services to millions more customers online, and it paid dividends. Their current bonus matches your initial deposit of up to $1,000, with a free $10 bet on top for good measure, and lower-than-average wagering requirements.


Slot gaming is one of the pillars of the casino industry. Borgata’s current online casino bonus gives you a $20 bonus that you can use on these games, and similar to Caesars, there’s a $1,000 matched deposit that you can use on any of their games.

The one element of Borgata that is most impressive is that they also offer these bonuses and promotions to existing customers, which is unlike many casinos whose sole purpose is simply to get you through the door.

DraftKings Casino

DraftKings has dominated sports betting in the US, and they’ve positioned themselves so effectively in the market that they’re considered one of the top providers in the country. Many bettors are still under the impression that they’re primarily a sportsbook.

Although this remains the bulk of their overall business model, they have used their immense success to get their foot in the door of the equally fruitful casino gaming sector. DraftKings bonus works slightly differently from the others we have covered today. They do offer a matched deposit bonus of up to $500, but you also receive a loss-back reimbursement of up to $1,000 in betting credits.


Last but certainly not least, we have BetMGM and their 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $1,000 and $25 in bonus tokens that you can utilize. Like Caesars, BetMGM established itself as one of the leading Vegas casinos before offering an online platform with immense success.

While this bonus is specific to US bettors, BetMGM has started to take its brand into international markets and is continuing to find success.


Hopping from site to site and taking advantage of casino bonuses is the first unwritten rule of casino gaming. If you’ve been around for a few years, you’ll know this all too well, but if you’re just getting the hang of casino gaming, utilizing new customer bonuses wherever you are able to will help you see what the service offers without exhausting your budget. Not only is it an effective way of sampling the service, but it helps you to understand the nature of bonuses, the good ones to look for and the ones that might have a little more to them that you need to research in more detail. In any event, they’re used as tools by casinos to attract customers and show off their service, so it’s often in their interest to make them as attractive as possible.