Think PS5 Will Come Out in 2018? Michael Pachter Says To Think Again

Recently, there have been rumors that PlayStation 5 could release as soon as this year. These have been fueled in part by other rumors that devkits have been sent out en masse.

Will the PS5 release in 2018?

Analyst Michael Pachter however is not convinced. Responding to a question on the topic during a WCCFTech interview, he stated that there is a “very low probability” of the PS5 coming out during 2018.

What about 2019? There, Pachter is practically optimistic by comparison, saying that the likelihood is maybe 25%. Of course, that still means he thinks it is quite unlikely, just not next-to-impossible like 2018.

When can we expect to see the PS5?

According to Pachter, the answer is 2020. Considering that PS4 isn’t quite five years old yet and the PS3 had a seven-year lifecycle, that makes a lot more sense than 2018 (or 2019).

Then there are all the upcoming exclusives to consider. With PS4 games like Days Gone, Death Stranding, and The Last Of Us Part 2 coming up, why on earth would they even think about putting out a new console right now?

So don’t hold your breath for a new console this year. But hey—that just gives you more time to save up money for your pre-order.