This Clip Proves That Being Lucky in Dark Souls is a Fleeting Experience

They say that the Good Dark Souls Lord giveth, and the Good Dark Souls Lord taketh away…ok, they don’t actually say that, but you’ll definitely believe such is the case after watching the below Twitch clip.

Before we get to the clip in question, allow us to briefly set the stage. In Dark Souls, the player has to eventually fight a boss called the Bed of Chaos. This boss, which is typically encountered towards the end of an average Dark Souls playthrough, is different from virtually every other boss in the game since it takes the form of a giant stationary tree creature that, at first glance, seems completely impervious to damage.

The Bed of Chaos is not to be taken lightly.

The player eventually figures out that they have to venture over to either side of the arena and destroy two large orb-like “power sources” before a path down to the tree creature’s vulnerable core opens up. However, reaching the power sources and the core is much easier said than done since the floor is constantly collapsing, which means the tree’s flailing root arms can easily knock the player into a bottomless chasm. Therefore successfully felling the Bed of Chaos requires no small degree of luck along with skill.

Twitch streamer Jerma985 recently learned just how much it can pay to be lucky during a tense Bed of Chaos battle, but as you’ll see if you watch this clip to the end, there’s a very good reason why luck is so often considered to be such a fleeting boon.

If you listen closely, you might just hear the collective groan uttered by hundreds of other Dark Souls players who found themselves in a similar predicament during the Bed of Chaos fight. It’s always frustrating (though in hindsight also wildly comedic) to be gifted with an unexpected boon of luck only to have said boon rescinded almost as quickly as it was given.

If you feel like upping the challenge of your own Dark Souls runs, you can try out this recently released mod that restricts all movement options other than rolling. Once you inevitably give up out of frustration, you can at least gain some sadistic satisfaction out of watching this player effortlessly one-shot the game’s final boss.