Twitch Now Lets You Sort PUBG Streams By Remaining Players

If you’re looking to watch PUBG, you probably don’t want to tune in and check out all the players losing left and right, do you? You want to make sure you settle on a streamer that’s really racking up the kill count, and hanging on for life as the battle heats up even further. That’s what Twitch will now let you search for — streams where players are already dying off, and the players left are getting scarce. It’s a pretty useful filter, especially if you tend to watch a lot of PUBG on the service.

You can filter the countless PUBG streams going at any given time by players left on the battlefield from 50, 25-50, or fewer than 25 left. This is, as you know, when things start to heat up, so it’s an awesome ability to be able to swap which streams you’re keeping an eye on. You can also choose whether you want to watch team games, duos, or solo players.

Now instead of having to search for players who are just starting out in the game and sitting through some of the more boring moments, like looting and finding a suitable place to perch and snipe at others, you can jump straight into the action. That’s always a plus, right? That means you’ll be there for more of the interesting moments and getting more time to spend on the streams you love so you can fit more players in.

It remains to be seen if Twitch is going to be adding any more of these filters to be used with other games in the future, but they’re a great idea. What would the filters look like with Fortnite? And why is PUBG getting them over Fortnite, anyway? That’s a great question. At any rate, let us know if you decide to try it out and how you liked it!