Twitch Streamer Creates Smash-able God of War Chest With 3D Printer

Anyone familiar with the latest God of War game will know that Kratos has his own particular style of opening chests. Rather than opening them in a normal fashion, or even checking to see if they’re locked first; the hulking god of war simply smashes the lid with his fist. Now, a Twitch streamer has created his own smash-able God of War chest. Moreover, he has made the 3D printer files for it available online for free.

The Smash-able God of War Chest

The chest was designed and printed by Twitch streamer EvilBron. The project reportedly took around a month of work, a few hours each day. The chest was designed as a prop for use in Twitch streams. It isn’t a single-use item either, of course. The lid is made from several interlocking pieces which break apart when struck, but can be reassembled relatively simply. Kratos, after all, doesn’t need to worry about maintaining a consistent supply of chests!

The Chest is Easily Reassembled, Unlike the Ones Kratos Opens

Printing the replica chest apparently took around 34 hours, although this could be cut down to around 17. Doing so would require a higher speed printer however, and less infill. As can be seen in Evilbron’s stream; and indeed, in this clip of the streamer smashing the chest on-camera; the chest is a very accurate replica of the actual in-game containers. As the prop was 3D-printed with standard black filament, the brown and silver exterior had to be hand-painted on.

If you want to 3D-print your own smash-able God of War chest, EvilBron has made the files available for free on Thingiverse. You will, of course, need to hand-paint the exterior yourself. However, unless Santa Monica Studios decides to release any similar merchandise, this might be the only way to channel your inner Kratos without regrettable property damage. That, or shouting “Boy!” at anyone who happens to be close by.