Two New Street Fighter Characters Revealed

Each new Street Fighter installment comes with a plethora of new characters players can choose from. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be no exception. 

Capcom, the company that produces Street Fighter, has announced that two new characters will join the character lineup and some returning characters from past game versions, like Dan and Rose.

Because gameplay relies on the combat skills of these Street Fighter (SF) characters, the SF fan base usually stays on top of these kinds of announcements. Back during the Street Fighter III: Third Strike release, a documentary came out describing the fan base’s commitment to the new game as well as the ins and outs of SF III: Third Strike.

It was recently revealed that Oro and Akira Kazama would make appearances on August 16, 2021. Let’s explore some of the features these new characters will bring to the game.

New Characters in Street Fighter

New characters will change some aspects of gameplay, whether players choose these characters for fights or not. Both of the new characters were featured in older versions of the game and are set to return this month. 

Below is some more information on the two new characters, Oro and Akira Kazama. We’ll also go over another character, Luke, which marks the last character added to the lineup. 


Living an immortal, hermit life, Oro will make his return to Street Fighter and will surely change the gaming landscape. His unique fighting style will give old and new players enhanced gaming experiences. For example, Oro only fights with one arm and is expected to have a pet turtle sidekick to assist in combat. 

Oro’s V-Skills and V-Triggers use both old and new moves to help fend off opponents. 

Akira Kazama

First introduced in the Rival Schools series back in 1997, Akira Kazama will be making her debut this month. Akira is dangerous both up close, and from a distance, so players should be ready to defend themselves or use her combat skills to face their enemies. Capcom revealed that new moves would be added to her playstyle, which will surely please existing and new SF fans. 

The two new characters will undoubtedly change how the game is played. Be sure to check out these new characters and learn their moves to defeat your enemies!

Looking Forward to November

Luke, another new SF character, was revealed as a new addition we can expect to see this coming November. Until then, you’ll be able to enjoy both Oro and Akira Kazama as they’ll enhance gameplay and make fights more dynamic and enjoyable.