Unfinished Business: How to Complete the Lake of Nine Favor

One of the larger open-world areas in God of War, the Lake of Nine is the game’s hub. Progressing through the story gradually clears the fog from around the area and adds markers to the map. As usual in God of War, exploration is worthwhile; there are all sorts of minor rewards and collectibles hidden throughout the Lake of Nine. If you want to complete everything in this region, however, then the “Unfinished Business” favor is the place to start.

As you explore the Lake of Nine, you may come across four Braziers which are scattered throughout the region. Lighting a Brazier triggers a host of enemies to attack. Clear the wave, and you will free a Wayward Spirit. Each of the four Wayward Spirits will explain some of the backstory to the Lake of Nine and its recent happenings. They also offer you a sizable reward for your trouble.

Finding the Braziers

The first of the four Braziers is located at the Iron Cove, southwest of Tyr’s Temple. Lighting this Brazier causes a wave of Nightmares and Reavers to spawn and attack. Leaving the Iron Cove, travel north to the Isle of Death. The Brazier here is located on a higher part of the isle. You can find the third Brazier in the Forgotten Caverns. Travel northeast from the Isle of Death, and you should find them. This Brazier is guarded by enemies who should be cleared out before you light it up. The final Brazier is located at the Cliffs of the Raven, east of Tyr’s Tower. This Brazier will spawn Tatzelwurms and Viken.

The Wayward Spirits can be freed in any order. However, whichever one you free first will give you a unique reward; a Versatile Warrior’s Handle. This axe pommel improves your Strength, Defence, and Luck. Each Wayward Spirit which you free after the first will reward you with a Corrupted Remnant, which can be used to upgrade your axe pommel.