Versus Game Announces Plans for the First Gaming Economy

The gaming industry is expanding. Whether it’s virtual reality integrations or new platforms, the field is a source of constant innovation. Adding to that progress, Versus Game announced its plans for its own gaming economy. This platform, with its solid userbase, shows the potential for what’s to come in the gaming world. 

The App for Gaming

On September 8, Versus Game put out a press release of the breaking news. The platform involves gamification of knowledge. You compete against random people regarding information about celebrities, pop culture, technology and just about anything else. The strategy involves knowing the most and being able to predict outcomes correctly. 

Versus then took its original platform and announced that users will now be able to create their own games. It’s a unique twist that has only existed before on much smaller scales. With Versus, though, users can customize their game to their liking then share it with a select amount of people. They can also open it up to a global audience. 

What’s getting the most attention from this announcement, however, is the potential for users to make money. The platform bases its gaming on rewarding users with coins. Adding real money — the gaming economy — to the mix is the natural evolution of that dynamic.

This move is powerful. With your Android device, you can download the app and create your own game. Once more and more people start playing it, you receive a percentage of the profit it generates. How’s that for making easy money?

You can also buy coins then play various games to earn more. Then, you can exchange it all for real money. 

The Bigger Picture

According to the press release, Versus Game currently has 3 million users. Of these users, the platform has given away $7 million in prizes — with roughly half of that occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s even more impressive since the platform launched only last year.

Versus’ progress forward doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. It’s a platform where celebrities and fans can connect, building a brand as well as engaging in unique ways. With the addition of making money off user-created games, Versus is sure to draw in more people. 

It speaks to the larger idea of independent creation. With game creation systems like the PS4’s “Dreams”, big studios are seeing the benefits of letting users run wild with their imaginations. With Versus Game setting the stage for progressive development, the future is sure to hold more user-created games. 

Gaming for Money

It’s not often that an opportunity like this one comes around. In fact, the gaming economy from Versus Games is the first of its kind.

As a progressive leader in the field, you may start to see more and more platforms opening their doors to independent creation. Then, the power will be in the hands of the gamer. Check out Versus Game today through the Android app or your mobile phone’s browser.