What Is Bitcoin Motion And Why Should People Invest In It?

The cryptocurrency trading space compared to other trading platforms is fairly new. That being said automated crypto trading bots such as bitcoin motion have already found their way into the market. So what are automated trading platforms, how do they work and what is Bitcoin Motion?

What Are Automated Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bots are programs that have the sole purpose of trading your cryptocurrency assets. If you’re looking to get into any sort of trading, you’ll have to remain glued to a computer screen and decide which cryptocurrencies to purchase or sell. The statistics of the market are quite important when it comes to trading and hence one will need to pay close attention to them.

Enter in crypto bots, these automated bots scan the markets and automatically analyse and interpret the market. Market data may be gathered, and interpreted, after that has been done the prospective market risk can be calculated to then evaluate whether or not to purchase or sell said cryptocurrency.

These bots can also be programmed to purchase cryptocurrencies of your choosing when the price dips below a certain limit.

So Why Use Automated Bots?

These automated trading programmes are a time-saving tool. In a sense, you’re paying a professional to handle your cryptocurrency trading while you relax and watch your bank account balance soar! At least that’s the theory. Although you can hire crypto gurus and human experts, automated bots are much more cost-effective.

Traders are increasingly turning to automated trading bots as a means to boost their revenue by utilising technology. They’re already being used by tens of thousands of individuals throughout the world.

What Is Bitcoin Motion?

Users of Bitcoin Motion can trade their bitcoin on the robot’s behalf. It makes use of a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to sift through enormous volumes of market data, discover connections between different elements of the data, such as cost and volume, and identify recurring trends. Most often, these insights appear as signs indicating whether or not the present market trend is going to shift course.

Thus it utilises this data to make money-making trades. While humans are capable of performing all of the aforementioned tasks, bots can do so far faster and with far more efficiency than humans can.

Perhaps one of the main reasons bitcoin motion has gained increasing popularity is due to the fact that newbie traders can trust the programme to handle decisions they aren’t too sure about. That being said, bitcoin motion is also quite popular with seasoned traders too, simply because of the speed and accuracy of bitcoin motion’s market analysis.

So Who Founded Bitcoin Motion?

When it comes to the development of Bitcoin Motion just like Bitcoin itself very little is known about the developers who prefer to stay anonymous. Why this has affected the company’s overall view negatively due to lack of trustworthiness, the results and performance of Bitcoin Motion have attracted many users regardless.

It should also be stated that as of currently there haven’t been any widespread instances of assets being lost or funds no longer being accessible. Consumers can also have peace of mind knowing that Bitcoin Motion only trades with licensed brokers.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

Bitcoin Motion receives price data from many exchanges concurrently, as well as additional factors like investor emotion from social media platforms such as Twitter. There are considerable connections and patterns discovered as a result of comparing the prices with other data sources, such as market sentiment or interest rates.

The AI system can identify which variables are tightly linked and how they react when there is a lot of uncertainty and as result volatility. The AI can also predict how the market will shift, let’s take the basic example of the market in general. Any time Bitcoin dips, the whole market seems to follow, similarly, when certain crypto or variables move Bitcoin Motion can predict how it will affect other cryptos or variables tide with it.

Bitcoin Motion also gives users a choice between manual or automated trading. Automated trading relies strictly on the bot’s interpretations, while manual trading provides users with strict control over each transaction.

The automated option is often preferred by newbies, whilst the manual mode is preferred by more experienced traders. A trading strategy is a collection of settings or directions that the bot adheres to.

Key Features

Multi Cryptocurrency Support

Unlike the name suggests, Bitcoin Motion isn’t strictly based on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Motion currently supports over 10 major cryptocurrencies including Cardano, Ripple, Ethereum etc…

Simple UI

Thankfully the User Interface of Bitcoin Motion is fairly simple for a trading bot. This makes it super conventional for newbies to get around the platform without frustrations. That being said it will still take complete newbies a few days to get completely acclimated to the software.

Customer Support

Although there are no email options to get in touch with the Bitcoin Motion support team one can make use of their 24/7 live chat.

Manual Mode

Not common for a trading bot, Bitcoin Motion allows users to completely customise the ideal market conditions programmed into the bot. This means you can dial in the relationships between variables, stop losses, entry/exit points and so much more. Note this mode will take some expertise and one should conduct some research before playing around with the adjustments.

Success Rate

Bitcoin Motions boasts a 92% success rate which is one of the highest on the market. This is great for newbies who will most likely rely strictly on the automated setting.

A Few Reasons To Consider Using Bitcoin Motion

If you’re still sceptical about bitcoin motion here are a few additional reasons why you should consider using this AI automated trading bot.

The Great Success Rate 

Okay if there’s a plausible reason to use Bitcoin Motion, it’s the super high success rate of 92%. This statistic may not seem like much but success rates do not come much higher than that.

The Easy To Grasp UI

Combined with the great success rate, the user interface makes it super feasible for newcomers to the crypto market. Although there are a few processes one should read up on when getting into crypto trading Bitcoin Motion makes the whole process pretty straightforward.

24/7 Customer Support

What’s great about Bitcoin Motion is the 24/7 expert support team offered at users’ convenience. After giving the team a run for its money, it can be confirmed the team knows their crypto. This is essential for a trading bot, it can be extremely frustrating as a newbie to explain to customer support certain issues with other newbies to the market. Thankfully this is not the case and the support team is extremely informative.

Collaborations With Legit Brokers

The team over at Bitcoin Motion made sure that its users’ funds are safe. In order to do so, the team made sure to collaborate with trusted and licensed brokers from around the globe.