What Should Be Your First Bet at a Roulette Table?

One of my favourite games at a casino and one that I recommend that you should play next time you’re playing at an online or mobile casino is roulette. A lot of people see it, including me, as the poster game of a typical experience. For me, it provides the adrenaline and thrill that I want from a live experience. It really does give that excitement as the ball orbits all of the numbers while I’m hoping it lands on my number. It’s one of the best iGaming choices for me.

It is one of the most popular table games in the world, and for me, a big reason aside from the excitement it provides is that it’s relatively easy to understand. For me, challenges like blackjack, or in particular, poker, take a while to learn all of the rules and even longer to play proficiently. Whereas with roulette, even if you’re new to it, like I was recently, it’s quite easy to pick it up. If you’re also looking for the best place to find online roulette after you’ve read through this today, head on over to newcasinos.com/.

Learn the basics.

I recommend that before you look at what type of bet you’re going to look at, you understand the basics of roulette, which I’m going to go through with you now. On a typical roulette board, you will have the numbers 1 all the way through to 36 in rows of three. Half of these are the colour red, and the other half are the colour black. And you also have next to the first row the number zero, which covers the equivalent of three single numbers in the colour green.

And so if I want to go ahead and bet on one of these numbers, I can do so by placing a chip on that particular number. So to give you an example scenario, if I wanted to place a bet on, let’s say, the number 7, I would place a £1 chip on it. The dealer then spins the wheel and inserts the ball; if it lands on my number, I get £36 back. This is because the odds are 35/1. I’m covering one of the 36 squares, but there are 35 chances of it landing elsewhere that go against me.

What about the zero?

So let me explain what happens to the zero. As that’s not just factored into the odds against me, that is essentially the house edge. Although you can place a bet on the ball to land on zero, let me explain how the edge works. There are other types of bets you can make, such as red or black, which gives you a 2/1 chance back. Although this doesn’t cover green, you could cover both black and red and still lose.

The other types of bets that I go for and what is available are also found where you can vote on red or black. And you’ll notice that you can also place a bet on whether the number the ball lands on will be red or black. The other remaining bets can be on things such as sections. The table itself is split up into three sections, so you can place a bet on it to land on any of the numbers within this section.

Is there a recommended bet?

Now let me circle back to the initial question that was put to us. What bet is best to go for if it is your first time at the roulette table? Well, there is no recommended bet as it is all a game of chance. There are people who have certain numbers they like, but in no way are these more likely to come out than other numbers if I go to put a bet on them.

My best advice if it is your first time is to always make sure you employ good bankroll management. What this means is:

  • Don’t chase your losses.
  • Don’t see gambling as an investment.
  • Always make sure you have fun.
  • Don’t bet more than 1% of your bankroll in one go.

To conclude everything today, there is no set bet that I would like to suggest that you put on for the first time at a roulette table. I could suggest something that I in particular like to bet on, but then you could go many spins without it landing. And so the best advice that I can give you is to read what I have gone through here today so that you are informed and know all about roulette prior to placing a bet. And again, as long as you employ good bankroll management and make sure that you have fun and enjoy the entertaining experience, you can’t go far wrong. And always make sure to look out for the best online offers and promotions to make the most of your time online. And always make sure you’re looking for a site that offers you the payment method you prefer, such as PayPal.