What to do in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Two Months After the Release of the Update

Another major update for World of Warcraft called Dragonflight has been added to the world of Azeroth.

What should players see, and what can they do after two months?

  • Mage Tower
  • Leveling Draktir
  • Professions and specializations
  • Dragons and flying

Mage Tower

The Tower of Mages is a long-forgotten, but returned to the game content in the Shadowlands update and finalized in Dragonflight.

The Tower is a set of challenges for each class that rewards with Power level 720 gear, a flying gremiar, and a rare achievement with no additional rewards.

Each class can pass no more than three trials, except the druid, who will have four trials available.

After completing at least one challenge, you will receive equipment from the old updates of 720 power level, recolored in the colors of the class.

The flying grimoire will require seven challenges to be completed, which means it’s impossible to get the reward on just one character, and need to create a twink.

To get the achievement, you will need to complete 36 challenges, which makes this event objectively moot, given that you will not receive any promotion other than a mark in the notebook of achievements.

You can order WoW boost from professional players to get results with minimal effort on your part. You only need to provide the characters who need to pass the test.

Leveling Draktir

If you haven’t played as a new race since the release of the update, then do it now.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. All new characters always have advantages that will gradually fade away – the Draktirs have mobility and strong AoE attacks and healing.
  1. Draktyrs are initially closer to the Dragon Island, which means they can quickly move on to the main content of the update.
  1. Draktyrs have the original skills of flying and transforming between a dragon and a man.

All representatives of the new race begin their journey in a camp hidden in the mountains of the Dragon Isles, not far from the main city. Training in basic mechanics will last until level 10, and then the Draktyrs will be able to go to explore the world of Azeroth on an equal basis with the rest.

An interesting moment – Draktirs became the first class available for development to both factions at once – the Horde and the Alliance.


Professions and specializations

In the Dragonflight update, professions actually got a new life, because in previous updates, the high rate of leveling, the abundance of raids and activities significantly reduced the attention of the majority of players to mastering professions as a full-fledged craft.

In the Dragonflight update, professions received specializations, a separate order table, characteristics, and tools.


A separate stage in the development of skills that the player himself chooses. A blacksmith can become a weapon or armor master. Depending on the choice, he will produce much higher quality items within his focus. Also, the master can alter the characteristics of items for a particular class at the request of the player.

Order table

Now, players who have an inscription can order the creation of an item from the craftsmen through the in-game interface. To do this, it is enough to create an order, indicate the minimum qualification of the master, attach materials and set a reward for the work. When the artisan takes the order, everything you need will be automatically written off from you, and upon completion of the work, you will receive a custom item. The craftsman will receive the reward specified in the order and the leveling of the skills of his profession.

Characteristics and tools

Now each profession has such a thing as characteristics, they affect the speed of work, the ability to get by with fewer materials, improving the quality of the item created during the crafting process, and double the number of items.

These events are affected by characteristics that can be enhanced with special tools.

Each crafter can now equip three special items that increase their basic crafting stats.

Of the interesting – Blizzard has distributed crafting tools so that you cannot create all the items yourself, and you have to contact representatives of other professions – through the order table, or the marketplace. But it guarantees interest in your services similarly.

Tools will automatically be equipped when crafting and removed when finished.

Dragons and flying

Exploring the Dragon Islands will lead you to meet all kinds of dragons. Fire, ice, wind and earth.

In the future, after completing the storyline as the first character and getting to the capital of the islands, you will be able to move on to content related to taming.

You will need to choose the type of dragon and start training it.

The character will be trained along with the dragon, and if the levels on the pet reflect his skills in the air and appearance, then the skills will bring stability to the player in the saddle.

The higher your connection with the dragon and the higher the level of development, the more aerobatics you can do and the more difficult it will be to knock you out of the saddle. There are many creatures on the Dragon Islands to fight in the air, but the dragon is not only the ability to quickly get to the highlands, it is another of the first examples of free movement through the air in the World of Warcraft.