What We Expect and Hope to See in the September 6 Nintendo Direct

The rumors are true, there will be a Nintendo Direct on September 6, 2018. We’ve already covered the official announcement from the Nintendo of America Twitter so be sure to check that out here. What we are going to do in this feature, though, is detail our pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams for the presentation, as well as our realistic expectations for what we’ll see.

As always, feel free to hit us on Twitter (or mine personally) and let us know what you think will what happen during the September 6 Nintendo Direct. Without further ado, let’s dive into what we know thus far and what we hope/expect to see happen during the 35-minute video showcasing upcoming Nintendo Switch and 3DS titles.

What We Expect

Here’s what we certainly expect from the September 6 Nintendo Direct. It’s worth noting that this is a worldwide presentation so keep that in mind. Knowing that we are guaranteed to see upcoming 3DS and Switch titles, here are the upcoming major 2018 games that are certain to be there:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion: Torna The Golden Country
  • The World Ends With You: Final Mix
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Super Mario Party
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3DS
  • Dark Souls Remastered
  • Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee!
  • Persona Q2
  • Yoshi

Now, the notable question mark is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With a huge Direct focusing on it just last month, will it get more info here? We think so. It makes sense to briefly announce a new character like Golden Sun’s Isaac or the Monster Hunter at the beginning or end of the September 6 Nintendo Direct. In addition, we expect some new third-party support and new announcements to be showcased.

This could be in the form of Yokai Watch, another Bethesda title, Ace Attorney, the heavily rumored New Super Marios Bros. U Deluxe, the leaked Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Team Sonic Racing, sports games, and more. There could be a couple of high-profile indie titles there as well like Travis Strikes Again and Wargroove.

On the subject of the Nintendo Switch Online Service, though, we don’t expect it to be there. We believe that there will be a separate standalone mini video dedicated to it in the very near future. Nintendo has said this will be about games and we think the company means only games. It would most likely say if the service would be featured.

What We Hope

With all of that said, here’s what we hope will happen in the September 6 Nintendo Direct. This includes the crazy, unlikely wishes that we absolutely want to be announced. This is in order of most likely to least likely:

  • Media apps like Netflix and YouTube on Switch
  • New Joy-Con colors
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses footage
  • Spyro Trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch
  • Incineroar Smash character
  • Super Mario Odyssey DLC
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy HD
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Legend of Zelda HD Collection (Twilight Princess, Wind Waker)
  • Skyward Sword HD
  • Original Pokemon games coming to Nintendo Switch
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  • Super Mario Maker port/sequel
  • Shin Megami Tensei V details
  • Pikmin 4
  • Fallout 3/New Vegas Anniversary
  • Final Fantasy XIV Switch
  • Animal Crossing Switch
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Switch port
  • Various GameCube games like Super Mario Sunshine
  • Crash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Mother 3

Check back tomorrow for the full announcements from the September 6 Nintendo Direct.