White Collar Job: Far Cry 5’s New Live Event Starts Today

Far Cry 5 has been out for a little over a month. While Ubisoft has yet to announce release dates for the game’s DLC, they are keeping their weekly schedule of live events rolling. Today marks the start of one such new event. Entitled “White Collar Job,” the event will run until next week and replaces “Pickup Blowup,” last week’s live event.

Far Cry 5’s live events follow a simple formula. Each week, players are given an objective to pursue in Hope County. Completing enough will earn players XP, money, and a special reward for the live event. If enough people in the Far Cry community complete enough of the objectives to meet a much higher count, all players also gain a special community reward.

“Pickup Blowup,” was the live event last week. The event tasked players with destroying cult vehicles with explosives. If players destroyed enough of the target vehicles, they unlocked a new muscle car, while the community reward was a new outfit.

White Collar Job

“White Collar Job,” follows a similar design. This week, Ubisoft has tasked players with using a bow to kill wolves. Both normal wolves and the more dangerous Judge wolves used by Jacob Seed’s cultists are valid targets. If you can collect five collars, you will be rewarded with 100 XP and 50 in-game dollars. Ten collars nets you 100 XP and the event reward; a truly absurd weapon called the Shovel Launcher.

If the Far Cry community succeeds in collecting 500,000 collars altogether before the event ends, everybody will earn the community reward. This week, the reward is “Jacob’s Hunter’s Outfit,” a player outfit which resembles the attire of cult hunters in the Whitetail Mountains.

Far Cry 5’s live events change every Tuesday. “White Collar Job” will end on the 8th of May. As a result, players looking to get themselves a Shovel Launcher should act quickly.