Why Was Stalker 2 Delayed Until 2023?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many games have been delayed since 2020. Since so many people are involved in developing good games, it’s easy for progress to halt when something major happens. Stalker 2 experienced a similar delay, and now that the development team is back to work, you can expect the game to be one of the hit releases of 2023.

What Is Stalker 2?

Stalker 2, stylized as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, is the sequel of the award-winning PC game. It’s the much-awaited next installation of the franchise and focuses on surviving in a horrifying post-apocalyptic environment in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. You can preorder the game on several platforms — Xbox Series X and S, Steam and the Microsoft Store, to name a few. 

A bit after release, you’ll have the option to play the game with other people. You’ll also have the option to mod the game to your liking, creating a more enjoyable and personalized experience. Stalker 2 has also gotten some disapproval for investing in NFTs and allowing players to “buy” a piece of the game that is solely theirs. You can sign up for the newsletter from their website — that way, you won’t miss out on any news regarding when the game will be released or any updates that will happen. 

What Caused the Stalker 2 Delay?

In February, development on Stalker 2 had to pause. When Russia invaded Ukraine, it affected the developers heavily. Since the game is produced in Ukraine, GSC Game World, based in Kyiv, had to prioritize the safety of its workers and their families. Despite the delay, every screenshot the developers tease holds promise for a thrilling game.

Delays are complicated topics in the video game industry. Depending on the reason why a game was postponed, people could respond to delays in different ways. Sometimes, a delay is necessary to make the game greater than it previously was — but other times, delays just prolong the inevitable. This delay is for a good reason, and Stalker 2 seems like it’ll be a very anticipated release, hopefully with even greater graphics and more improvements.

Also, Stalker 2’s name was changed after the delay. Now, it’s Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, according to the Ukrainian spelling of the area. It was slated to release in December 2022, but its release is now pushed back to 2023 due to the delay. Still, developments have resumed, and you can look forward to playing the game sometime next year.

Stalker 2’s Bright Future

More time to work on Stalker 2 means the result will be much more enjoyable. Though a slight delay can disrupt the entire process in the video game industry, it doesn’t mean this game is tabled forever. In fact, since more information continues to be released about the game, there’s hope that Stalker 2 will be better than you imagined before the delay.