Witcher 3 Devs Originally Designed a Boat Large Enough for Roach

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has an impressively huge open world. To get around that world, players can call upon Geralt’s trusty steed; Roach, who will appear nearby without fail to carry you on your way. Of course, players also needed a way to cross rivers and lakes, and even the open sea in Skellige, so developers designed boats for the game. One idea which, sadly, never made it into the final game were designs for a boat large enough for Geralt to bring Roach along with him.

There Were Designs to Let Roach Come Aboard Geralt's Boats

Boats in The Witcher 3 Could Have Been Large Enough for Roach

Concept art for larger boats capable of transporting Roach were shared on Twitter earlier today by the official Witcher Twitter account; “Speaking of boats,” the Tweet reads; “during development we were toying with an idea of allowing Roach to travel with Geralt, no matter if through land or water. This would mean they would need a bigger boat, so here are a couple of concepts with additional space for Roach.”

Unfortunately, the larger design never made it into the final game. Players must leave Roach standing forlorn on the shoreline as they sail away alone. Of course, the trusty horse will still cross the water on their own to appear wherever Geralt next calls for her. Roach even addresses this impressive ability to travel herself during the Equine Phantoms quest in the game’s Blood and Wine DLC. After Geralt imbibes a mixture which allows him to understand what Roach is saying, he asks how the horse is capable of coming whenever he calls; “Well, you’re my human,” explains Roach; “Gotta be there when you need me. Yes, I’ll be there for you-ou-ou, as the world falls down.”

“Still kinda strange,” continues Geralt; “how you cross the ocean when I call sometimes, but then get hung up on the tiniest fence. What’s that about?” The horse responds simply; “What can I say? Everyone’s got limits”. Although it would have been nice to bring Roach on Geralt’s boat, the way the developers made things work does seem perfectly fine.