World of Tanks: Mercenaries Brought To Life With This Tank Event

The team behind the World of Tanks video game came up with the best idea to show the power of the real-life tanks. These vehicles are really something, and the new Mercenaries expansion brought more characters to their world. To celebrate that update, the World of Tanks team prepared an event to show people the real strength of these vehicles.

Wargaming’s innovations for their most popular video game are something. The new Mercenaries expansion they brought to WoT’s world offers players the chance to go further into the history of these pieces of machinery. But, how powerful are these vehicles in real life? Wargaming themselves chose to show that power to their dedicated community through the celebration of the new update.

What these vehicles can do is really spectacular and breathtaking. The team drove the types of machinery over cars to show the power a real-life tank holds. It is one thing to play with tanks in-game and another to actually see them in action. The event was pretty enjoyable for everyone who attended it and the fans who did not know many things about these pieces of machinery got to learn a lot.

However, the coolest thing that happened during this event was not the smashing of some cars. The coolest thing was the ability the audience had to actually be inside of one of those vehicles and play WoT in there. What is better than playing WoT from your couch at your home? Playing WoT from inside of a real tank.

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is an excellent addition to Wargaming’s game. It offered players the chance to explore more of the real history of these magnificent vehicles. Additionally, it also brought more characters to the game that the fans can experiment with inside this world. But that event was for sure more exciting than everything else Wargaming have done so far.