World of Tanks: The Clan Scuffle Semi-Finals And Finals

Clan Scuffle has already started and has been going strong the past few days. The semi-finals and finals that will close yet another epic WoT event are almost here. You can watch them live on the official Wargaming Twitch channel since their official dates have already been announced.

Clan Scuffle started on July 28 with the Qualification Round that lasted two days. The 16 clans that qualified for the event had already been selected. However, only four of them will make it to the Semi-Finals and two of these four to the Finals. The European clans are battling to claim the crown and tomorrow is the date where they go through the Group Stage.

Eight clans will be deemed capable of entering the Quarter-Finals on August 4. The Semi-Finals will take place on August 5 where four teams of the original 16 will compete for a spot in the Finals. However, the Finals will also take place on August 5 after the Semi-Finals. That means that in only three days you will find out which clan had it all to become the champion of Clan Scuffle.

The rewards of the Show Match that will take place on August 12 will be distributed to the clans that win first and second place. Of course, the prize will be in-game gold that will be credited to the treasure of each group. The clan that comes in second will receive 50,000 in-game gold while the one that earns the first place will receive 150,000 in-game gold.

Fortunately, the event will be live-streamed so that everybody can watch these intense battles. You can watch them through the official Twitch channel of Wargaming. However, Clan Scuffle is also available on the channels of the community contributors as well as the clans involved. Stay tuned and watch the best European clans competing for the crown at Clan Scuffle.