World of Tanks: You Can Now Vote For The Next Top Of The Tree

As you already know, Wargaming is making each Top of the Tree Special one month before the one that they will release it to World of Tanks. In August, you voted for the 113 vehicle as your favorite of the month. As the 113 will continue roaming in World of Tanks’ maps, you can start voting for September’s Top of the Tree tank you like the most.

Wargaming made an official announcement yesterday about September’s Top of the Tree poll that is now open. The previous vote for August’s vehicle was a huge success. You can try out the winning tank 113 in-game for the whole month. However, Wargaming decided to be more creative in this next Top of the Tree Special.

Starting now, you can vote between the Runners-Up of the last few months. That means that you can vote for one of the tanks that have already been released. The vehicle that wins the voting will make a comeback to World of Tanks. Hurry up and start voting because this poll will be active until August 9 at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

You can vote for one of the following vehicles:

  1. Sheridan
  2. M48A5 Patton
  3. Obj. 705A
  4. FV 4005 Stage II
  5. Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
  6. Centurion Action X

Furthermore, Wargaming is offering two special missions to the players that already have a Tier X tank featured in the Top of the Tree special in their garage. The players will be able to access these missions for only two months. Access begins at the start of the event.

If you want to vote for your September Top of the Tree vehicle, all you have to do is log into your account and vote for your favorite tank. You can also find the poll in Wargaming’s official forums and vote. The next Top of the Tree will be available starting September 1.