WWE 2K19 Hell In a Cell: How To Break Hell In A Cell, Get Out, Climb, & Win The WWE 2K19 Match

Many of the matches featured in the WWE are also playable as WWE 2K19 matches. Not only are there regular matches, but also favorites like the TLC match, ladder match, tables match, Elimination Chamber, and Hell in a Cell. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at causing some destruction in a regular ring, or inside the Hell in a Cell match. Here’s a look at how to play the Hell in a Cell match, as well as how to break the cell, get out, and of course, win.

WWE 2K19 Hell in a Cell: Match controls, how to play HIAC

The Hell in a Cell match is a popular one as it also has a pay-per-view in its name. Some of the HIAC battles that fans have seen included superstars such as The Undertaker, Kane, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman. Just a few years ago, the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match was the main event for the pay-per-view.

Gamers can play the match in WWE 2K19 just like in previous editions. However, it’s important to note the only “weapon” that can be used so far are the steel steps around the ring. As of this report, there isn’t any feature allowing for going under the ring to grab other weapons, unfortunately. Still, you can grab the steel steps and use those as much as needed.

As far as the basic controls go, you’ll grapple and fight like you would in a regular match. However, you can also throw your opponent into the cell. To do so on PS4, press O and the Left stick in the direction you want to whip your opponent. To whip your opponent into the Cell on Xbox One, press B and the Left Stick in the direction you are whipping them to.

WWE 2K19 Hell in a Cell: How to break the Cell, get out, climb, and more

A cool aspect of the WWE 2K19 match is that you can break through the cell in the match there too. In fact, if you want to get out of the cell and climb it, breaking the cell panel is the first step.

The simplest way to break a cell panel is by whipping your opponent into that same spot multiple times until it breaks. Refer to our section above for how to whip the opponent into a certain spot of the cell.

wwe 2k19 hell in a cell how to climb

Another way to break the cell panel is by using the “Escape Artist” OMG Moment. Your superstar will need to have this in order to use it. If they do, you’ll get prompted for an “OMG Moment” during the match. You can press RB and the Y buttons on Xbox One, or press R1 and Triangle buttons on PS4. This will allow you to break the wall in an OMG Moment. See them in the video below.

Breaking the cell in WWE 2K19 opens up more possibilities. That includes climbing the cell, fighting on top of the cell, tossing an opponent off the top, and even diving off the top.

To climb the cell: Press L1 on the PlayStation 4 controller or press LB on the Xbox One controller. If your opponent goes up too, you can fight on top.

To throw an opponent off cell: When near the edge of the cell with an opponent, press X on the PS4 or press A on the Xbox One to toss your opponent to the ground below.

To dive off cell: This involves the same situation as throwing an opponent, but without the opponent. When near the edge of the top, press X on PS4 or press A on Xbox One to dive off.

WWE 2K19 Hell in a Cell: How to win the HIAC match

The rules for WWE 2K19 Hell in a Cell matches are just like they are in the professional wrestling world. Winning simply requires a pin or submission. So it’s not a matter of just escaping from the cage as in a regular steel cage match. Keep that in mind. The more you toss your opponent around and use the cell to deplete their power, the easier it may become to get that pin or submission!

As seen above, there are a variety of ways to destroy the cell or your opponent from up top!

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