WWE 2K20 Rumors: Sasha Banks Reportedly Working on Video Game Project With WWE

Since WWE’s WrestleMania 35, “The Boss” Sasha Banks has been rather non-existent in the ring. There had been rumors of a falling out between the former WWE Women’s Tag Team champion and the company. However, Banks has been calling out fans on social media who have suggested she’s done with the company. Despite her absence from TV programming and the recent Money in the Bank 2019 PPV, it appears she’s at least amicable with the company. New WWE 2K20 rumors have arrived involving Sasha Banks which could also indicate she’s headed back to the ring.

WWE 2K20 rumors involving Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is a part of the WWE 2K19 video game’s roster and a multiple-time champion in the company. Her most recent championship was an inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team title reign with her tag team partner Bayley. Previously, Banks held the WWE Raw Women’s Championship several times and had the WWE NXT Women’s Championship.

As reported by PW Insider, Sasha Banks was in New York City this past Wednesday for a WWE-related purpose. They indicate a source they spoke to said she was working with the company on their new video game. There weren’t any other details beyond that, though.

While fans are awaiting confirmation of the WWE 2K20 release date, there have been pieces of news involving the game over the past months. One of the earliest reports involved hip-hop star Eminem working with WWE on the game’s soundtrack. It was suggested he might provide one of his songs for the game and could also appear on a WWE-related program.

Another recent batch of WWE 2K20 rumors related to the game’s cover athlete. It’s been speculated that Becky Lynch will be the first female athlete to grace the cover of a WWE 2K title.

Sasha’s potential involvement with new game

While it’s unknown what the exact nature of Sasha’s business with WWE was in New York, the speculation involves the upcoming game. Typically, WWE superstars work with 2K Sports and WWE to provide motion captures, voiceovers, and in some cases, interview clips for use in the game. This was part of the Daniel Bryan Showcase mode in 2K19.

It’s entirely possible that if Becky Lynch will grace the new game’s cover, they are working on a special feature for the women’s division. It could also be a Showcase mode for the women, or exclusively for Becky Lynch. She and Sasha Banks were part of the NXT’s “Four Horsewomen” alongside fellow women’s superstars Bayley and Charlotte Flair. Sasha also had matches against Becky in NXT and WWE.

The women’s division has continued to make history with first-ever matches over the past several years. Banks competed against Charlotte Flair in the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match which served as that pay-per-view’s main event. In December 2017, Banks went against Alexa Bliss in the first-ever women’s match contested in the Middle East.

It’s very possible that WWE is looking to add some sort of Showcase Mode for what the women’s division has accomplished over the past several years. This would make a fantastic addition for the upcoming game based on the WWE 2K20 rumors. It’s also plausible that Sasha was simply working on her motion capture or other aspects of her superstar in the 2K20 game.

The good news is that it appears Sasha Banks will continue to appear in WWE 2K games continuing the tradition since her debut in 2K17.

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