WWE 2K22 Rumors: New Superstars, Moves Teased in Motion Capture Sneak Peek

A brand new motion capture sneak preview video has fans excited for the possibilities with WWE 2K22. The latest WWE 2K22 rumors involve some new superstars and moves arriving in the next installment in 2K’s franchise. Among the speculation is that several moves used by NXT superstars will be in the game. Here’s a look at the exclusive video and more details on what may be on the way.

WWE 2K22 rumors arrive with teaser video

The WWE 2K development team has been releasing short behind-the-scenes preview videos ahead of the release of the next professional wrestling game. In a previous clip, we saw 2K showing off their motion capture rig to get face scans with WWE Legends Ric Flair and Booker T.

Their latest video (below) has sparked WWE 2K22 rumors about new moves coming to the game. The video features individuals doing motion capture work in the ring and showing off certain in-ring moves or finishers.

Fans on Twitter commented that Candice LeRae’s move, the Wicked Stepsister, appears to be part of the various moves at around the 0:35 mark. Per ComicBook, LeRae debuted the move in late April 2020 on NXT. That’s when she went “full heel persona” with new ring gear and entrance theme.

In addition, the Torpedo Moscow seems to make its way into the recent footage. That could hint at a certain NXT star also appearing in 2K22. See more details below.

Some Twitter commenters also pointed out another popular move appears at the end of the video. At 0:43 Jeff Hardy’s popular Swanton Bomb appears where he does a dive/flip off the rope and lands damage on his opponent before a pinfall. Check it out in the footage below.

Fans are likely to see other familiar moves in the video including a side slam as well as that flip move involving a superstar coming off the ropes and getting flipped by their opponent’s legs/feet.

Roster, cover, and release date details so far

So far, we’ve only seemed to get the confirmation that Rey Mysterio and Cesar are part of the playable superstars on the WWE 2K22 roster. That’s based on the WWE 2K22 announcement trailer that arrived during this year’s WrestleMania event. However, Ric Flair and Booker T’s inclusion in the previous clip, and the moves shown off in today’s teaser video certainly bring some interesting speculation.

The Twitter video commenters mentioned other possible moves that bring WWE 2K22 rumors for the playable superstars on the roster. Some of the names fans mentioned include Bronson Reed, Dexter Lumis, and  Ilja Dragunov. Another fan pointed out that former WWE superstar Lio Rush is in the video doing mo-cap work, despite his release from the WWE a while back.

former wwe star lio rush in 2k22 teaser video
Former WWE superstar Lio Rush doing motion capture work in new 2K22 teaser?

Candice LeRae made her debut on the 2K roster in WWE 2K19. Lio Rush debuted for that game as part of the DLC that became available later after the game launched. It’s unknown if Rush will be part of this particular game based on his termination from WWE. Candice LeRae seems pretty likely after appearing in the past two games.

So when is the new game coming out? We’ve yet to see any official release date announced. Check out our WWE 2K22 cover star predictions report, which includes our take on when the release date might arrive.

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