WWE 2K22 Update Video Teases Upcoming Behind-the-Scenes Game Footage

Several weeks ago, the first official WWE 2K22 promotional video arrived, letting fans know the professional wrestling sim game was coming back. Since that initial video, there hadn’t been much else, until today. A new WWE 2K22 teaser video dropped, indicating there is content coming in the near future. That will include a look at some of the upcoming game, including a behind-the-scenes look at its creation.

New WWE 2K22 Update Video previews content coming

On May 10, the latest WWE 2K22 update video arrived via the @WWE2Kdev Twitter account. The video lasts just under a minute and features Lynell Jinks, WWE 2K22 Creative Director speaking about future updates.

In the video, Lynell lets fans know there will be more content on the way. The new video shows some of the WWE 2K22 trailer released during WrestleMania weekend. That includes live-action and in-game footage of WWE superstar Rey Mysterio.

Jinks says fans will get a “sneak peek of the development process of WWE 2K22” in the coming weeks. Around the 0:32 mark of the video, they reveal raw footage of the “work in progress” game. It appears to be several unfinished pro wrestler models from the title, making their entrances on stage.

There’s also real-life footage of The Nature Boy Ric Flair shown in a suit surrounded by motion capture cameras. The brief footage makes it seem very similar to what we’ve seen in terms of NBA 2K’s motion capture. Additional mo-cap footage after that shows in-ring performers doing several wrestling moves with mo-cap suits on.

During the video, Jinks says he’ll be joined by other members of his crew as they release the various content in the coming weeks. He recommends subscribing to get future updates on the @WWE2KDev Twitter. “WWE 2K22 It Hits Different” seems to be the slogan associated with the upcoming game.

Key details still unknown for new wrestling game

A lot of details are still unknown as of this WWE 2K22 update video. That includes details for the WWE 2K22 cover star, release date, and pre-order information. Check out VGR’s cover star and release date predictions ahead of the announced details.

There are also rumors going around that the game will not have a specific version on the next-generation consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S.

According to an SGO report, they contacted 2K Sports to try to get clarification. 2K told them they had “nothing to share at this time” regarding the game, with “more information on 2K22 soon.”

2K’s other major sports title, NBA 2K21, was released with current-gen and next-gen versions. Those arrived in conjunction with the consoles’ official release dates in November of 2020. It would be a major surprise if WWE 2K22 wasn’t at least playable on the next-gen consoles, even if it wasn’t a specific version.

That said, 2K is looking to win back WWE game fans after the issues that plagued their previous pro wrestling title, WWE 2K20. It was the first WWE 2K title that 2K released after longtime developer Yuke’s departed from developing the game.

Upon release, WWE 2K20 had numerous glitches and issues involving game physics, graphics, targeting, and other concepts. Developers continuously released game updates to fix the issues, but the title received overall poor reviews from gamers and game review websites.

Due to the issues, 2K shelved WWE 2K and never developed a 2K21 title as they turned their attention to a new title. 2K released the WWE 2K Battlegrounds title which was more of an arcade fighter-style game that some fans enjoyed and others avoided. It received mixed reviews but was the only WWE wrestling title available during 2K’s hiatus.

Now with WWE 2K22, many fans are hoping to get an enjoyable pro wrestling game with updated rosters, modes, and features.

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