Xbox Announces Space Jam: A New Legacy Game

A new Space Jam movie is hitting theaters this summer, 25 years after the original. This time, though, the Tune Squad is expanding into new forms of media. Xbox has announced a new game inspired by Space Jam: A New Legacy to launch on July 1.

The game will launch exclusively on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks at first. On July 15, the day before the movie premiers, it’ll become available for free on the Microsoft Store on Xbox. 

A Fan-Inspired Arcade Beat-Em-Up

If you missed the NBA 2K21 Prime Day sale, this isn’t your chance for another virtual basketball experience. Instead of being a sports game as you might expect, Space Jam: A New Legacy will be an arcade-style beat-em-up. You’ll play as various members of the Tune Squad, including Lebron James, fighting your way to a rogue AI named Al G. Rhythm.

As you fight through Al G.’s army, you’ll look for four pieces of “Legacy Code” that reveal his location. Two members of the Goon Squad, The Brow and White Mamba, will also appear to try and stop you. 

The idea for the game design came from a fan contest Xbox ran late last year. The adult competition winner, Ricky, came up with the idea to make it an old-school beat-em-up, while the youth winner, Nadya, suggested additional mechanics. The result is a 90s-style side-scrolling action game complete with retro, 16-bit graphics.

For those looking for a Space Jam experience in a basketball game, Shawn Bradley, who appeared in the original, is available in NBA 2K20 in a MyTeam pack.

New Space Jam-Themed Controllers

The new game isn’t the only way Xbox is celebrating the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy. They’re also releasing three new Space Jam-themed wireless controllers compatible with the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices. Each controller will sell for $69.99 starting July 8 at the Microsoft Store and Amazon.

The Tune Squad controller features the team’s signature light blue and carrot-orange colors, while the Goon Squad has a darker, purple and black design. The third controller, the Serververse, is black with blue markings representing the controller’s inner mechanisms. It also features the Warner Brothers logo in the center.

All three controllers also have the hybrid D-pad of the Xbox Series X controllers. Similarly, they all have a textured grip on the back, triggers and bumpers. If you want to customize your button mapping, you can do so in the Xbox Accessories app.

The Tune Squad controller will be available globally, while the Goon Squad and Serververse ones will be U.S. exclusives. If you want to learn more about them, Microsoft will show them off on a Twitch live stream on July 1 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

It’s a Good Time to Be a Space Jam Fan

Xbox is going all-in on 90s nostalgia this summer. Whether you’re a fan of the original Space Jam, interested in the new movie or just like old-school arcade games, you’re in luck this July. If you fit any of those categories and have an Xbox, PC or Game Pass on mobile, it’s worth checking out.