Xbox Pope Creates Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Concept

If you are a fan of Halo, you are going to also be a big fan of a recent Xbox Series X Halo Infinite themed design concept by Xbox Pope. The image has taken off on social media, and deserves all the attention it is receiving.

Check Out the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Concept Art

Xbox Pope shared the console concept in a tweet:

The colors and textures on the console and accompanying controller mimic Master Chief’s armor, with the number “117” right under the Xbox logo.

Want to learn more about Xbox Pope? As he said in this interview, “Up to date I have done over 600 designs for the Xbox community and the gaming world. I do these fan art controllers for free and just for fun but as my twitter fans increase more and more want them made for real so I am in the process of trying to make this a reality watch this space.”

In other recent news pertaining to Halo Infinite, there was a deleted tweet recently which showed some toys. Based on the toys, we can figure out some of the armor and species we can expect in the game. You also can read a bit here about how COVID-19 has been impacting Halo Infinite and MCC PC development.

All told, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news concerning Halo Infinite lately. So, we are pretty much waiting on something more solid. But there has been plenty of news regarding Xbox Series X. So, you will want to check out some of the recent updates we have posted here on the site. Right now, things seem like they are on track for a timely release of the next-gen console. Let’s hope that it actually happens.