Young Kiv Wins EA Sports’ Madden Bowl

The last major Madden competition of the season just finished with Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen taking home $100,000 with a 28-24 win over Drini Gjoka. The total prize pool for the Madden Bowl was $500,000 split between 16 competitors. All of the 16 competitors took home a minimum check of 5 figures.

The finals and semi finals took place of the past weekend live at the 2018 NFL Draft. Drini beat Trueboy in the semifinals of the tournament and Young Kiv beat Blocky to advance to the finals.

The final was an absolute nail biter coming down to the very last play of the game.  You can check it out below.

With NBA 2K going all out with their eSports league, expect EA Sports to offer even more prize money and tournaments next year to keep up with Take Two Interactive.  The  NBA 2K League is offering every player in their competition at least $30,000 with the possibility of making significantly more.

It was fitting that the game took place at the NFL Draft since many of the players selected will be absolute fan favorites in Madden 19.  Players like Lamar Jackson, Shaquem Griffin and others are highly anticipated Madden 19 rookies who will make a big impact in next year’s competitive Madden season.

If you are looking to play in competitive Madden tournaments, you will have to wait until August when Madden 19 comes out.  Look for more Madden 19 news to come out in June at events like EA Play and E3.