A Possible Snowstorm is On Its Way to Fortnite

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about a possible Fortnite snowstorm. First, there was the intriguing A.I.M. skin with frost on the arms and legs. Then, some players noticed that one of the Rifts in the game seems to have a fantasy castle inside. The castle looks like it is in a snowy environment. Now, there is additional evidence for a possible snowstorm heading for the island in the form of a white cloud.

An Incoming Cloud Could Be the Latest Evidence for a Fortnite Snowstorm

The cloud can be spotted south of Flush Factory. It doesn’t look like much—it seems small, white and innocuous. But it is in the far distance, so it could be quite massive once it gets closer. The simple fact that it was never there in the past implies that it does mean something.

Snow looks like it might be headed toward Flush Factory in Fortnite.

When you consider the sudden appearance of the cloud in conjunction with the fantasy castle and the frost on the A.I.M. skin, it is quite a reasonable assertion to say that it might bring some harsh winter weather.

If it does, we may soon be fighting it out on a map which is covered in snow. Snow falling from the sky could also hamper visibility, introducing another variable that could affect gameplay. Snowstorms also sometimes bring high winds, so we may need to contend with that as well. It is also reasonable to think that bodies of water could freeze over. We could have some slick, icy surfaces to fight on.

If all this does come to pass, it will be interesting to see how the appearance of the storm connects with recent events involving the Cube. But then again, there may be no connection. Regardless, keep up with our Fortnite news and rumors. We will make sure that if there is any new information regarding the cloud or new hints that winter weather might be on its way, you will hear about it.