All the New Perks Available to Players in Call of Duty: Vanguard

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, players have a total of eighteen Perks available to choose from when they put together their Loadout. Divided into three colour-coded categories, the Perks can support a wide variety of playstyles, particularly when taken in different combinations. Whether you favour mobility, long-range target elimination, or going in loud, there should be a Perk set perfect for you.

How the Call of Duty: Vanguard Perks Work

In each Custom Loadout, players have three Perk slots to fill, with one slot available for each of the three Perk categories; Blue, Red, and Yellow. Note that it isn’t possible to take more than one Perk from any given category. Players must choose one Blue Perk, one Red Perk, and one Yellow Perk. While the three categories do all share a rough theme, there is enough variation in each that players shouldn’t feel forced into picking a poor option.

Call of Duty Vanguard Perks How They Work

Perk Slot #1:

  • Cold-Blooded: AI Killstreaks will never target you, while player Killstreaks cannot highlight you. Your movement will not trigger High Alert and awareness markers will only appear for enemies when you are closer than normal.
  • Dauntless: This Perk makes you completely immune to effects that would slow down your movement.
  • Fortified: Explosive damage against you is reduced by 15%. This percentage doubles to 30% when you are crouched, mounted, or prone. In addition, the delay for health regeneration caused by explosives is less for you.
  • Ghost: While you are on the move (not standing still), enemy Intel, Field Mics, and Spy Planes cannot detect you. Local Informants will also be less effective against you.
  • Ninja: Your movement is silent. Plus, you take less falling damage than normal. Finally, the Tracker Perk is less effective against you (though not completely ineffective).
  • Survival Training: You are fully immune to gas and have maximum resistance (though not immunity) to stun effects.

Perk Slot #2:

  • Engineer: You are able to detect enemy equipment, Field Upgrades and Killstreaks through walls. When you aim-down-sights at such an item, it will mark its location for your teammates. In addition, you can also hack enemy equipment and Field Upgrades (though not Killstreaks).
  • Forward Intel: The range of your minimap is increased, and enemy reinforcement indicators will appear on it.
  • High Alert: When enemies look at you and you aren’t looking at them, your vision will pulse to warn you.
  • Piercing Vision: When you suppress an enemy they will be highlighted for you for a limited time. This allows you to see them through walls, smoke, and other such effects.
  • Radar: When enemies fire their weapons their locations are marked on your minimap. Note that this effect doesn’t activate if an enemy fires a silenced weapon.
  • Tracker: You can see footprint trails left by enemies. Additionally, enemy death location markers are visible to you, while enemies you kill will not have location markers.
Call of Duty Vanguard Perks How They Work 2

Perk Slot #3

  • Demolition: When you spawn, you have one extra Lethal Equipment. Additionally, when you throw Lethal or Tactical Equipment, you will see an indicator showing you its path.
  • Double Time: You can use Tactical Sprint for twice as long as normal and your speed is boosted by 30% when crouching.
  • Lightweight: Your movement speed is faster than normal.
  • Overkill: You may carry two Primary Weapons rather than one Primary and one Secondary.
  • Scavenger: You may pick up ammo from dead Operators.
  • Tactician: Your Tactical Equipment will restock itself every 30 seconds.