All You Need to Know About Gunfight in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight was recently revealed by Activision and Infinity Ward via a gameplay reveal event with content creators. The mode was fans’ first look at gameplay in Modern Warfare, but the mode is also a very distinctive new way to play Call of Duty in and of itself, described as a “Small team, multi-round cage match”. So, here’s everything that’s currently known about Gunfight and how it works.

The New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode

At its core, the Modern Warfare Gunfight mode is a 2v2, multi-round deathmatch. With only two players, rounds can be very short (especially with a 40-second time limit!). As such, a team must win 6 rounds to win the game. To emphasise the even playing field in Gunfight, players always have the same loadout. However, the game will force you to use different weapons and play-styles by changing the default loadout every 2 rounds. That means that you’ll use at least 3 different loadouts in a game, and as many as 6. Typically, a loadout will include a Primary weapon, Secondary weapon, Tactical grenade (such as a Flashbang), and a piece of Lethal Equipment (such as a Frag Grenade).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode Details

Once the time limit elapses in a round, the game shifts into Overtime. If anybody is still alive at this stage, a flag will spawn and players have 10 seconds to capture it (it takes 3 seconds to capture). Capturing the flag wins you the round. If, at the end of Overtime, there are still players alive and the flag hasn’t been captured, the round ends and the team with the most remaining health wins.

Because of the small scale of Gunfight, the mode takes place on a series of custom maps. Three of these were shown during the recent gameplay reveal. King takes place inside a warehouse, while Pine is set in a forest (hence the name). Finally, Stack pits players against each among a maze of containers in a desert setting. Players will swap sides on the map every 2 rounds, so you should quickly become accustomed to them. It’s currently unknown whether there will be more, but Activision did describe them as; “The first three maps shown…”