Ampere Analysis Gives PS5 and Xbox Series X Price Predictions

We’ve heard many predictions ranging all over for the price for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Some analysts have predicted that they will cost around $500, while others expect a price as high as $600 as a result of low supply and high demand. But recently, we have been hearing some more conservative estimates. The latest PS5 and Xbox Series X price predictions come from market-leading data and analytics firm Ampere Analysis.

Here are the PS5 and Xbox Series X Price Predictions from Ampere Analysis

So, how much does Ampere Analysis expect the next-gen consoles to cost? Recently, the company released a report discussing the matter. They expect that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will both cost between $450 and $500 or thereabouts.

Ampere Analysis gave some solid reasons for the lower price prediction even amid possible supply issues. As they pointed out, a global recession could eat into the money that gamers would normally spend purchasing new consoles, driving down demand. Plus, the prevalence of cross-generational games at launch might cause some gamers to hold off until there are more games that are truly exclusive to the new consoles.

Frankly, it is pretty hard to make any sort of confident predictions about what lies ahead. But we do think that Ampere Analysis gave some logical reasons for their predictions. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if both next gen consoles cost more than $500. Either way, it makes sense to start saving up money as early as you can for your purchase of the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Also, keep following along in our PlayStation news section. We will keep you posted about any updates concerning the possible price for both consoles as well as their launch dates and available supply.