Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event Announced by Respawn

Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash may have ended only days ago, but it seems that Respawn couldn’t wait to announce their next upcoming event for Apex Legends! Set to launch on the 14th of January, the Apex Legends Grand Soirée will be the game’s first ‘Arcade’ Event, featuring more new game modes than have ever featured in an event before. Of course, there’s also plenty of new cosmetics coming too.

The Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event

Until now, each of the events held in Apex Legends have been what Respawn terms ‘Collection Events,’ but the Grand Soirée appears to be a totally new format. This ‘Arcade Event’ appears to put the focus firmly on new game modes, with no less than seven featuring throughout the event. However, instead of having these modes be available to play at all times, each mode will only be available for two days during the event’s two-week schedule. The modes, and the dates when they will be available, are as follows:

  1. Gold Rush Duos (January 14th – 15th)
  2. LIVE.DIE.LIVE (January 16th – 17th)
  3. Third-Person Mode (January 18th-19th)
  4. Always be Closing (January 20th – 21st)
  5. Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge (January 22nd – 23rd)
  6. Kings Canyon After Dark (January 24th – 25th)
  7. DUMMIEs Big Day (January 26th – 28th)
Apex Legends Grand Soiree Event Announced

Throughout the Apex Legends Grand Soirée, players will be able to complete new Soirée Challenges in order to earn points. These will contribute towards the ‘Event Prize Track’; a new prize system which allows players to earn new prizes every 250 points (and every 500 points after 1,000). Each of the seven game modes will feature three challenges, with each worth 1,000 points for completing. Players don’t need to complete every challenge to unlock every prize; the top prize is available at 5,500 points. However, there will be an additional badge for players who try all seven modes at least once.

In addition, the Grand Soirée event will feature a Direct Purchase Event Shop, allowing players to buy new cosmetics directly. For the most part, these consist of new legendary skins, which will be available in the shop on a rotating basis. Plus, six of the new legendary skins will also be added to the game’s core loot pool once the event starts. These six skins can be found in normal Apex Packs or crafted like a standard legendary item.