Is an Apex Legends L-Star Weapon on the Horizon?

New information about what could be coming soon to Apex Legends has seemingly leaked as a result of datamining. However, shortly after these apparent leaks, Respawn told fans not to take them as truth. According to the studio, the leaked content could be discarded or dormant assets which aren’t currently in use. So, considering that, how likely is it that fans will see an Apex Legends L-Star weapon come to the game soon?

The Apex Legends L-Star Was Revealed by Recent Datamine

While much of the recent datamining revealed almost a dozen possible different character models, one of the leaks seemingly revealed a promotional image for the release of an Apex Legends L-Star weapon. This image, which shows two views of the L-Star, was shared on Twitter by a user who goes by ‘Shrugtal‘. The image seemingly shows the L-Star in both first- and third-person views, in a relatively complete state. Most of the recently leaked character models were clearly still in development. However, the L-Star seems to be much closer to completion.

Of course, Respawn has now said that fans shouldn’t take datamines as a source of truth. Certainly, in the case of the character models, those could conceivably be discarded or unfinished models with no immediate plans to come to the game. However, the L-Star seems a bit more like something which could soon be coming to the game. The very fact that the leaked image seems to be promotional suggests that Respawn is preparing to announce it.

Apex Legends L-Star Weapon From Titanfall 2

The L-Star is a weapon which first appeared in Titanfall 2, where it was a “particle accelerating light machine gun”. The Apex Legends version of the weapon appears to keep it in the same role, with the notable addition of a bipod. At present, it’s unknown how this gun might differ in play from its Titanfall appearance, or indeed, when it might release. However, it does at least seem to be the most likely leak to come out of the recent datamining. Fans should certainly keep an eye out for its announcement coming from Respawn in the near future.